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Gator Elite Series Sale!

TruELITE – Tiles

$9.25$11.63 Price/Sq. Ft. View Details
EPDM Green Rubber commercial Flooring Tiles Sale!

TruFLEX – Tiles

$9.25$11.63 Price/Sq. Ft. View Details
Seamless pour in place rubber dance floor

TruFLO – Pad and Pour

Please call for pricing View Details

More information about our manufacturing/facility flooring…

Rubber flooring for warehouses or production plants are non-porous and chemical-resistant, making it the perfect flooring of choice in areas exposed to spills from chemicals, acid, oil, grease, and bacteria; spills are repelled or resisted by the vulcanized rubber, polyvinyl flooring our poured in place urethane flooring, making them very easy to clean.

Durability aside, rubber manufacturing matting is a safe, comfortable and attractive flooring option for your manufacturing space; the inherent slip-resistant and anti-fatigue properties of rubber floors make them safer and eases the stress on the feet, legs, and back of anyone standing or walking on it.

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