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Our Brands

Our Brands

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We Can Help You Find The Perfect Flooring Solution

“You stand on it. We stand by it.”


Outstanding Value

Anchored by our commitment to providing superior quality products, we ensure our offerings are competitively priced, ensuring utmost value for our customers.


Industry Expertise

Boasting over 30 years of domain-specific experience, the Perfect Surfaces team has been instrumental in thousands of successful project completions. Our expertise guarantees timely and on-budget project deliveries, regardless of the project’s scale.


Exceptional Customer Service

Blending modern solutions with traditional values, our service goes beyond mere transactions. We emphasize understanding your needs and guiding you to the perfect product from start to finish, ensuring unmatched service.


Quick Lead Times

With an expansive network of manufacturing and distribution centers scattered across North America, we guarantee swift and seamless delivery of your chosen flooring solution.

Our Flooring Options

Perfect Surfaces provides many flooring options; from fitness and recreational flooring (i.e. gym flooring, outdoor athletic, playground surfaces), to commercial and residential flooring (i.e. garage, basement floors, shopping mall tiles), to agriculture and industrial flooring (i.e. barns, stables, factories, manufacturing plants).

In addition, we can also provide custom flooring options on request.

Product Variations

With extensive manufacturing capabilities, Perfect Surfaces can offer its customers many product variations, thicknesses, colours, and much more so you can find the perfect product for your space.

Durability, Easy Installation, and Eco-Friendliness

Our rubber flooring products have been tested and approved for high-traffic and high-impact areas; they provide a long-lasting, durable flooring solution. Also, our products install easily, allowing both business owners and home users DIY tools to complete their flooring projects themselves. Finally, all our floorings are environmentally friendly, drastically reducing the carbon footprint and the excess of old tires in our landfills.

Featured Brands We Collaborate With

Perfect Surfaces takes pride in partnering with some of the industry’s most esteemed brands, underscoring our commitment to delivering nothing but the best to our customers. The synergy with these notable brands amplifies our capacity to cater to diverse needs with exceptional products. We invite you to discover the superior quality and innovation we bring hand-in-hand with our trusted brand affiliates.

Featured Projects

Discover the diverse businesses we’re honoured to collaborate with to get a first-hand look at the kind of quality and versatility Perfect Surfaces can provide!

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