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DuraRUBBER® – Commercial & Industrial Mats

$5.00$6.25 Price/Sq. Ft.

Engineered for outstanding performance in heavy weight, high impact, and abrasive applications, heavy duty DuraRUBBER® Commercial & Industrial Rubber Mats are the long-lasting rubber flooring solution for any frequently used demanding manufacturing space. For maximum versatility, DuraRUBBER® vulcanized commercial matting and interlocking tiles can be installed two different ways: for heavy impact resistance and multidirectional drainage beneath, install the non-slip Honeycomb surface facing up; for maximum traction and to eliminate accumulated surface moisture, install the FlowGRIP rubber surface facing up. Ultra durable DuraRUBBER® rubber industrial mats are great everywhere from manufacturing assembly lines, industrial workshop pads, mechanic bay rubber mats, to warehouse matting.

  • Heavy Duty – high tolerance to heavy loads/equipment and abrasive exposure
  • Versatility – unique reversible design for a multi-purpose rubber commercial tiles and mats
  • Heavy Impact Resistant – protection from heavy machinery
  • Safety & Comfort – anti skid surface to resist slippage, and anti fatigue to reduce stress to joints
  • Traction – FlowGRIP waterproof rubber surface provides maximum grip for wet and dry foot traffic
  • Hygienic – nonporous rubber surface prevents the opportunity for germs to propagate
  • Multi Directional Drainage – Honeycomb rubber side up allows moisture to be channelled away beneath; FlowGRIP rubber surface eliminates accumulated surface moisture
  • Easy to install & remove – loose lay for an easily removeable rubber industrial flooring solution
  • Easy Maintenance – nonporous hexagonal rubber mats can be easily swept or hosed clean
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Thickness: 12mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4")
Product-type: Mats
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price


Rubber flooring is widely used in commercial and industrial applications, owing to its many advantageous properties including fire resistance, abrasion resistance, shock absorbency, slip resistance, as well as its inherent sound, vibration, and temperature insulating properties. Premium grade DuraRUBBER® hexagonal pattern commercial rubber mats are designed for durability, with enhanced resistance to abrasion and deterioration, they also provide an extra facet of comfort and safety, found in its unique reversible design: for antifatigue benefits and multidirectional drainage beneath, install the non-slip Honeycomb surface facing up; for maximum traction and to eliminate accumulated surface moisture, install the FlowGRIP surface facing up. Both sides offer a soft yet sturdy rubber surface to reduce stress on joints and prevent injury, and nonporous DuraRUBBER® resists moisture absorption to prevent the growth of mildew, bacteria, and fungi- improving the overall indoor air quality.

The high compression deflection and elongation strength of DuraRUBBER® rubber matting makes it ideal for heavy duty use- DuraRUBBER® rubber commercial tiles and mats are impervious to corrosion and impact, easily tolerate high traffic and heavy weight without deformation, and will not swell, curl, or lift when exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures- proving a much stronger long-term investment than that of lower quality rubber products which are susceptible to degradation and frequent replacement. Other rubber industrial mats fabricated of crumb rubber and bonded with filler are susceptible to breakdown, chemical erosion, and becoming absorbent over time; genuine vulcanized rubber DuraRUBBER® commercial mats and tiles are ultra durable- resistant to tears and punctures, and will not peel, crack, crumble, or distort in extreme heat or cold. Shock absorbing DuraRUBBER® rubber workshop mats protect the floor beneath from the wear and tear of commercial or industrial tolls and equipment, as well as provide impact protection and vibrations reduction to the machinery and equipment- a necessity when placed under heavy machinery in a commercial or industrial workshop.

Ideal for temporary or permanent use, high quality DuraRUBBER® commercial rubber mats are heavy enough to stay in place when loose laid- easy for future mobility- or they can be adhered for a permanent surfacing solution. For easy cleaning, simply hose off or sweep debris away; for maintenance of the subfloor simply remove DuraRUBBER® industrial surfacing as required. Designed for a wide variety of heavy duty applications, DuraRUBBER® industrial and commercial mats are ideal for use as auto workshop mats, industrial workshop matting, outdoor floor mats, workshop rubber flooring, drill press mats, functional workshop garage matting, off-road vehicle mats, workbench rubber mats, service bay matting, mechanic garage mats, manufacturing facility matting, fabrication facility mats, car wash mats, warehouse mats, or anywhere else a nonslip rubber commercial or industrial mat is required.

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Weight N/A
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12mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4")

Product Type







DIY, Loose Lay


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