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VersaRUBBER® Elite – Xplanks

$8.43$10.59 Price/ Sq. ft.

VersaRUBBER® Xplank

Create a unique space for just about any application with anti-slip, anti-fatigue VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank rubber planks, for a limited time only! Combining the classic aesthetic of natural textures with the long-lasting durability of rubber flooring, dual-layer VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank rubber wood-grain planks can be used in a wide variety of high-traffic, heavy use applications that require a high tolerance to chemical exposure and frequent spills.

  • Stylish – classic natural fibre pattern in a variety of colours to compliment any decor
  • Comfort & Safety – added traction and impact absorption 
  • Versatile – great for high-traffic, heavy use applications; commercial and residential alike 
  • Ultimate durability – double vulcanized for higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion
  • Attractive – full colour flooring to elevate any space
  • Dual layer – for ultimate flexibility and resilience under heavy loads
Available Sizes: 4' (48") x 0.8125' (9-3/4")
Product-type: Xplanks
Installation: DIY, Professional Install, Tape or Glue
Thickness: 6mm (1/4"), 9mm (3/8")
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VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank rubber floor planks unite the unique, natural appearance of a transverse grain texture with the long-lasting durability of rubber mats, resulting in one of the toughest, highest-quality wood-finish flooring options available. Manufactured using premium rubber with a double vulcanized finish, dual layer VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank rubber planks boast ultimate resilience and offer sound-absorbing and shock absorbing properties- providing a safe and comfortable flooring option for fitness gyms, hospitals, schools, retail, and commercial spaces and anywhere that people spend much of their time on their feet. Fire-resistant VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank resilient planks are also non-porous, anti-fungal, and antibacterial to help eliminate odours and relieve hygienic concerns- making them ideal for nearly any residential, retail, commercial, or even industrial application. 

Create a stunning and unique floor in any application with resilient VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank rubber floor planks, boasting natural textures and resilient quality to elevate any space. Quick and easy to install, creating a remarkably unique visual is simple to achieve when installed in a herringbone or chevron pattern for an especially bespoke design. In comparison to vinyl composition tile (VCT) or vinyl plank, VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank outperforms in almost every category: anti-slip and anti-fatigue rubber tiles offer added comfort and safety over slick, rigid vinyl alternatives, while also providing greater longevity and durability due to their double-vulcanized, dual-layer composition. The combination of inherent rubber surface properties allows for a high tolerance to heavy weight, high traffic, harsh chemicals, and exposure to frequent spills- making it ideal for even the toughest industrial applications, but still attractive enough for residential use. Although VersaRUBBER® ELITE rubber flooring may carry a higher upfront cost over VCT, luxury vinyl plank, laminate or hardwood, the long-term durability, longevity, and support provided by VersaRUBBER® ELITE Xplank will quickly pay for itself.

For a fast and easy way to incorporate strength and beauty into your space, look no further than VersaRUBBER® Elite Xplank wood-look rubber flooring planks; ideal for home gym rubber flooring, commercial fitness facilities flooring, recreation centre rubber floors,  commercial rubber flooring, flooring for retail and stores locations, hospital resilient flooring, floors for schools and daycares, , wood grain rubber gym flooring, industrial rubber flooring, or any other residential or commercial space looking for a resilient floor with a unique, natural fibre pattern. Available for a limited time only- get them while they last!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Colour / Style

1901 – Volcanic Grey, 1902 – Vintage Grey, 1903 – Venice Blue, 1904 – Vibrant Red, 1905 – Venetian Walnut, 1906 – Vanilla Beige


0.8125' (9-3/4")

Product Type



DIY, Professional Install, Tape or Glue


6mm (1/4"), 9mm (3/8")


4' (48")


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