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VersaRUBBER® – Commercial Rubber Mats

$4.56$5.81 Price/ Sq. Ft.

Perfect for any multi-purpose commercial, retail, or industrial space, VersaRUBBER® commercial rubber flooring provide an ultra versatile rubber surface anywhere that requires an easy to clean, tough, and slip-resistant rubber commercial floor. Optimized for safety and comfort and designed to perform to the highest standard under high traffic, low VOC and easy to clean VersaRUBBER® will quickly and easily enhance the comfort and appearance of any heavy use space, including retail floors, commercial floors, school floors, warehouse floors, garage and workshop floors, and more.

  • Maximum Versatility – 4’x6’ rubber mats and 22.5”x22.5” rubber tiles for many applications
  • Durability – resistant to damage, designed for high traffic areas
  • Safe & Comfortable rubber mats – impact absorbent and slip resistant surface for added traction
  • Vulcanized Rubber – for improved tensile strength, resilience, elasticity, and weather resistance
  • Easy Installation – interlocking rubber tiles press in place; mats can be adhered or loose laid
  • Easy Maintenance – no special tools, waxes, or finishes required; nonporous to repel spills
  • Bold Aesthetic – improve the look and feel of any space with vibrant colour speckle options
  • Sustainable – qualifies for LEED credits, constructed of recycled rubber
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Thickness: 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2"), 6mm (1/4")
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue
Product-type: Mats
Choose Colour / Style:
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
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Premium VersaRUBBER® commercial rubber mats and rubber interlocking tiles are the ideal flooring solution for any high traffic, heavy use space. Easy to install and available in two convenient formats, VersaRUBBER® straight cut rubber mats and VersaRUBBER® interlocking rubber tiles are a quick and easy permanent or temporary rubber flooring solution that can be loose-laid, taped, or adhered. The non-porous surface easily repels liquid spills to reduce maintenance and clean up, while its non-slip and antibacterial properties make it a safe and comfortable for high traffic, heavy use applications.

Constructed of vulcanized rubber for improved elasticity, resilience, and tensile strength, durable VersaRUBBER® rubber mats and interlocking tiles are resistant to damage from sharp objects, high heels, cleats, tools, equipment and more. While protecting the surface from damage, VersaRUBBER® rubber also helps to protect the sub floor beneath from exposure to damage and impact. Featuring added safety and comfort for foot traffic, antifatigue VersaRUBBER® rubber interlock tiles also help alleviate physical stress and injury, while reducing ambient noise and absorbing vibration in the floor. Available in a variety of bold speckle colour options and with low VOC off-gassing (no overpowering rubber smell), it is easy to create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

Ideal applications for commercial VersaRUBBER® mats and tiles include restaurant flooring, store flooring, shop floor, hotel flooring, conference centre flooring, arena flooring, stadium flooring, zoo flooring, museum flooring, convention centre flooring, office space flooring, entrance way flooring, storage facility flooring, warehouse flooring, garage flooring, workshop flooring, shopping mall flooring, retail centre flooring, multi-purpose commercial flooring, school flooring, hospital flooring, or anywhere else a heavy use flooring is required.


Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.03125 ft
Colour / Style

1401 – Vex Black, 1402 – Venom Grey, 1403 – Vivid Blue, 1404 – Vino Red, 1405 – Vapour Beige, 1406 – Victory White






10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2"), 6mm (1/4")


DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product Type



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