Does the rubber flooring smell?

All of our products are manufactured right here in North America. We only use high end polyurethane bonds that limit VOC’s or off gassing to a small fraction of a percent resulting in a non-toxic and safe product for both indoor and outdoor use. Because our products are made from premium recycled rubber materials, the smell is not going to be as nearly significant as traditional virgin or synthetic rubber floor materials. There may be a faint distinct odour initially but that smell will soon disappear in short time.

You have several products that offer numerous applications. How do I know which product I should use?

Many of our products can be used almost anywhere, in fact the applications are endless! Factors such as design capabilities, installation methods, and costs will play a role in your decision. Please contact a Perfect Surfaces representative to help you find that perfect flooring surfaces you have always dreamed of.

Where is Perfect Surfaces located and where can you ship to?

Our headquarters is located in Calgary, Alberta and we cater to the Canadian market although we can easily ship to any American location.

How are your products maintained?

Most of our products are easy to clean and maintain. A simple broom, vacuum, mop, or hose down is all that is needed. Do not use cleaners with a high pH value or petroleum based products to clean the rubber. Do not use recycled rubber products in conjunction with any petroleum based products. This includes solvents, adhesives, and sealants. Use a neutral pH and degreaser with a sponge mop and water for more extensive cleaning.

Can I install your products myself?

Yes, all of the products we offer are very simple to install with minimum tool requirements. In fact, many products we offer are interlocking and feature a loose lay installation method which means no adhesive is required to hold the flooring in place. For any questions regarding the installation process, please feel free to contact a representative who will gladly help.

Can your products be used outside?

Yes, most of the products we offer are ideal for outside applications. Our products will not rot, crumble, or deteriorate in any fashion and provide a wonderful slip-resistant surface for many outdoor surfaces.

Are there really that many tires to recycle?

North America is faced with the significant challenge of diverting or safely managing hundreds of millions reusable and waste tires each year, many which have been illegally dumped or stockpiled.

How are your products safely converted into recycled rubber surfaces?

These stockpiles of tires are shredded down into its core elements. The rubber is then separated from all steel and metal filings to create a premium recycled crumb rubber. This premium crumb rubber is bonded with a urethane adhesive or vulcanized to form the recycled rubber products you see today.

Why is recycled rubber considered better than virgin or synthetic rubber?

Virgin rubber is sustainable as it is derived from trees and synthetic rubber also has a low impact on the environment. However, flooring that contains recycled rubber is a cheaper and more durable choice than virgin or synthetic rubber, and is a better choice as far as environmental impact is concerned.

Why is recycled rubber so effective as a sound deadening material?

The process of shredding the waste tires into crumb rubber produces very small particles which, when bound together, contains millions of small air “voids”. As sound is forced to navigate across these voids, much of the sound energy (loudness) is dissipated through these voids.

How does recycled rubber compare to cork underlayment?

Cork is susceptible to mildew and rot, especially if water becomes involved. Because of this, they all require some form of sealant to prevent such susceptibility, an expensive proposition at best.

Where are your specialized flooring products made?

We are extremely proud to say that all of our products that we supply are manufactured in either the United States or Canada. Please do not be fooled by cheap Asian imitations and be sure to ask your supplier if their products are made in the United States or Canada. Our products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, something that you will not see from many imported materials.

How is your pricing compared to other suppliers?

Perfect Surfaces offers some of the most competitive pricing in the market. Due to our large volume of materials, we can provide this pricing.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard,  bank transfer, E transfers, business cheques, and cash. Accounts may be set up net 30 days for repeat clients and dealers.

What thickness of rubber flooring should I use?

The heavier the objects that are being placed on the flooring and/or the higher amount of foot traffic, the thicker the flooring needs to be. Although, all thicknesses of our products are extremely durable and can handle extreme conditions.

What is Perfect Surfaces company policy on returns and shipping?

Our Company return policy and shipping disclaimer can be found here: (Policy’s and Disclaimers)

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