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light woodgrain rubber floor Sale!

VersaRUBBER® Elite – Tiles

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Xplank-6-500x500.jpg Sale!

VersaRUBBER® Elite – Xplanks

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Seamless pour in place rubber dance floor

TruFLO – Pad and Pour

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The unique needs of specific healthcare facilities must be considered as well, since not all hospital facilities provide the same day to day care; and though rubber healthcare facility flooring certainly cannot change a patient or visitor’™s personal circumstances, rubber healthcare floors are intentionally designed to help reduce additional stress.

For example, large hospitals can feel intimidating- but the colour of the hospital flooring can help to impart a feeling of calm; and when installed to integrate orientation and guidance systems, the floor map created with hospital surfacing can also help visitors navigate the often overwhelming environment, thereby reducing the potential for anxiety.

In larger care facilities, there are often many unique spaces with unique needs- resilient rubber acoustic corridor and foyer surfacing helps to reduce audible noise and impact sound; a unified and straightforward rubber waiting area flooring creates a peaceful and pleasant ambience; an easy to clean rubber floor makes cleaning spills a breeze; hygienic and non-slip resilient patient room surfacing ensures patient safety to promote recovery; and non-porous, energy-absorbing resilient operating theatre surfacing is easy to clean and maintain, while protecting the joints of caregivers on their feet for long shifts.

Alternately, smaller assisted living facilities that provide long term care will share the warm and welcoming feel of a domestic residence rather than the institutional quality of a hospital; a variety of colours and textures of resilient assisted living facility floors can help to create this cheerful, comfortable ambience.

Regardless of the specific facility, the primary goal of any healthcare facility is a positive patient outcome; a result that can be achieved in part due to resilient rubber commercial grade flooring solutions that allow patients to rest and recover in quiet hygienic rooms, caregivers to work in safe and comfortable surroundings, and maintenance crews to quickly and effectively clean and maintain the high traffic facilities.

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