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Our Brands

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More information about our garage floor mats and rolls…

Heavy-duty solid polyvinyl garage rolls are designed to hide existing imperfections, as well as protect floors from abrasive materials that could cause deterioration. Available in a variety of patterns, deliberately designed to catch workshop debris and moisture, non-porous garage rolled flooring is mould-resistant, mildew-resistant, and waterproof- making it extremely easy to clean up harsh chemical spills. Tolerant of extreme temperatures, it won’™t split, crack, peel, or deteriorate in extreme heat or cold; making lightweight rolled polyvinyl rolls an optimal garage floor covering, workshop floor liner, or man cave flooring.

Alternately, GorillaGRID garage floor tiles offer a versatile garage flooring solution for those seeking a free flow garage flooring system using plastic garage tiles or vented garage tiles. With multiple textured surfaces available to provide additional traction and design, diamond garage tiles, coin garage tiles and checker plate tiles allow chemicals and moisture to drain through to prevent the accumulation of liquid; making any Racedeck garage floor cleanup a breeze.

Lightweight and reusable GorillaCOR modular garage flooring tiles can be easily installed, removed, and reinstalled repeatedly, thanks to the expandable interlocking design- a design also intended to allow expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures without causing the tiles to crack or deteriorate.

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