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Whether you’™re outfitting a large-scale industrial warehouse, commercial space with many employees, individual retail workstations, or your own personal garage workshop; quick and easy to install resilient rubber anti-fatigue sheets will promote comfort, make long periods of standing more tolerable, and maximize overall production and safety.

Foam Vs. Resilient Rubber

Foam and resilient rubber anti fatigue matting may appear comparable at first glance- after all, they both provide a cushioned surface that promotes comfort. But if you look closer, you will learn that rubber fatigue flooring is far superior to those constructed of foam.

The primary reason is because rubber mats are moisture and chemical resistant, so they can be used in areas where grease, water and other hazards may be present; another is that rubber mats are more durable and can handle a lot more abuse, even under high traffic and vigorous use.

Rubber anti-fatigue floor mats are also very easy to clean and maintain with the use of a broom and/or hose and simple soap-and-water solution for stuck on stains. Compare this to foam construction, which is not as durable, and therefore susceptible to degradation and breakdown.

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