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More info about synthetic grass

Typically, the biggest concern with fake grass is just that- that it looks fake. While there are many low-cost alternatives available to consumers, high-quality synthetic landscape grass designed for the Canadian market and climates is of exponentially better value. Additionally, the type of artificial lawn selected will make a difference; though in small samples a perfectly manicured grass may appear ideal, in real-life applications it is the synthetic turf that appears more natural to your neighborhood and climate in the sample size that generally turns out looking the most natural when applied full scale.

In Canadian climates, a soft and slightly varied blade height combined with a secondary thatch material will result in the most natural looking and feeling artificial landscape turf. Further, synthetic grass that does not require infill to keep the fibers upright will significantly reducing the time, tools, materials, mess, and the cost of installation. When installed over a properly prepared crushed rock base, the drainage of a synthetic lawn can surpass that of a natural lawn, reducing the likelihood of accumulated water and the insects that are drawn to it.

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