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Gator SoftLOC – Interlocking Tiles

$3.50 Price/Sq. Ft.

Economical and attractive Gator SoftLOC interlocking foam athletic tiles are the optimal low-cost, semi-permanent solution for a soft, versatile fitness floor or martial arts matting. Easy to install and maintain, lightweight and durable Gator SoftLOC foam mats offer shock absorbing properties for additional comfort and injury prevention.

  • Economical & Affordable – low cost alternative to commercial grade athletic flooring
  • Easy to Install – interlocking design allows for easy press-in-place installation
  • Impact Absorbing – reduce body fatigue and impact on joints to prevent injury
  • Lightweight & Durable – lightweight softness that is resistant to impact damage
  • Stylish & Functional – wood grain and full colour options to suit any décor
  • Easy to Maintain – easy to clean and disinfect for a safer, healthier surface
Available Sizes: 24" x 24"
Installation: DIY, Interlocking
Thickness: 3/4"
Product-type: Tiles
Choose Colour / Style:
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
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Economical and attractive Gator SoftLOC interlocking foam tiles instantly create a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent ground-level fitness area, to offer a layer of comfortable cushion between you and the floor. A simple DIY project, versatile interlocking Gator SoftLOC foam stretching mats are easy to install by simply lining up the edges and pressing in down on the seams- no tools or adhesives required- making them easy to remove and reuse again and again. Finished edge pieces help create a professionally installed appearance with minimal effort. Affordable and durable Gator SoftLOC foam wrestling and MMA mats offer a great value to homeowners and businesses alike, instantly increasing the usability and versatility of cold and unforgiving floors- transforming them into warm and comfortable stretching areas, workout spaces or wrestling mats, able to withstand the repetitive nature of fitness training, martial arts and classes.

Constructed from a combination of materials, EVA foam and PE foam, lightweight SoftLOC interlocking fitness foam tiles offer the best of both worlds. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is an extremely soft and flexible foam with impact absorbing properties, providing additional support for feet, ankles, joints, and limbs during a workout. SoftLOC also delivers excellence performance by reducing body fatigue, allowing users to exercise or grapple longer, receiving maximum benefit out of each exercise session. With an easy to clean waterproof surface that is resistant to cracking, EVA/PE SoftLOC exercise tiles are an ideal solution for stretching flooring, as well as both high- and low-intensity floor exercises; providing traction to help users maintain their balance throughout the workout. PE (polyethylene) foam carries a high impact strength, meaning it is capable of absorbing and withstanding high impact before fracture damage occurs; also allowing it to rebound to its original shape after impact. The dense construction of Gator SoftLOC workout tiles also supports heavy fitness equipment; keeping in mind that although indentations caused by heavy weight usually recover eventually, heavy weight items left in the same place for too long may cause permanent damage. It is recommended that plastic coasters are used under heavy pieces of equipment to displace the weight more evenly, reducing the risk of permanent damage.

Designed with the comfort and safety of athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind, Gator SoftLOC foam interlocking tiles are a low cost alternative to commercial grade fitness flooring and can be used as foam wrestling mat, foam karate flooring, foam MMA flooring, foam gymnastics flooring, foam stretching mats, foam tumbling flooring, home gym flooring, home fitness flooring, or anywhere else that a soft, easy to install, economical flooring option is required.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.0625 ft

DIY, Interlocking



Product Type


Colour / Style

Dark Wood Grain






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