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RivalMATS Gymnastic Mats

$7.49$7.99 Price/Sq. Ft.

Quickly and easily transform any area into a safe and durable space to practice gymnastics with RivalMATS roll-out gymnastics and cheer mats. With heavy duty construction designed for highly developed gymnasts and elite cheerleaders, carpet bonded over cross-link polyethylene foam RivalMATS are also suitable for novice gymnasts who will benefit from the added traction and cushion as well. Ideal for use as gymnastics matting, tumbling mats and parkour, multiple mats can be attached to cover a larger surface area- then easily rolled up and put away until the next time or secured permanently.


  • Safety – shock absorbing impact sport foam to prevent injuries due to high impact activities
  • Durability – heavy duty construction for long lasting durability
  • Versatility – carpet-top matting for a variety of activities and skill levels
  • Low Maintenance – vacuum up dirt and debris for a quick and easy clean
  • Injury Prevention – Reduce fatigue and injury on gymnast’s joints
  • Easy Installation & Storage – simply roll out and roll up carpet-bonded foam tumbling mats
Available Sizes: 30', 10', 20', 40' x 5'
Thickness: 35mm (1-3/8")
Product-type: Rolls
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Constructed of high-quality 26oz carpet for enhanced durability and comfort, flame laminated to high-performance 2.06lb-density cross-linked polyethylene impact reducing foam, RivalMATS gymnastics matting provides a non-slip surface and a shock-absorbing foam base for added safety- to help prevent injury when pulling off advanced maneuvers in practice and competition. Whether for beginner gymnastic moves like handstands and cartwheels, or more intermediate movements like front and back handsprings, portable RivalMATS cushioned gymnastic mats are easy to roll out and up to create a temporary practice area at home or a competition space anywhere- including up the walls!

A functional blend of traction and style, durable carpet top RivalMATS are available in a 5’ width by 10’, 20’, 30’ and 40’ segments- and for greater coverage, multiple foam mats can easily be attached with hook and loop fasteners to satisfy any size gymnastic gym requirement. Carpet-bonded gymnastic matting can be kept clean with a quick pass of the vacuum- great for students training, tossing, and tumbling in their bare feet. When the day is done, simply roll up the cheer mat and put it away until the next time- long lasting RivalMATS gym mats are built to provide support to gymnasts and athletes through many levels of gymnastics and acrobatics for many years.

Versatile enough to be used in a variety of residential and commercial gymnastic applications, RivalMATS carpet top foam matting makes a great surface for competition gymnastics matting, gymnastics practice mats, college competition matting, home workout gymnastic mat, stretching mat, carpeted yoga mat, tumbling mat, cheer mat, recreational gymnastics mat, acrobatic foam matting, artistic gymnastic matting, rhythmic gymnastics mats, baton foam mats, parkour mats or anywhere that a durable, safe and attractive carpet bonded foam mat may be required.

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Colour / Style

2101 – Backflip Blue, 2102 – Vault Grey


30', 10', 20', 40'




35mm (1-3/8")

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