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More information about gymnasium/fieldhouse flooring…

Because of the broad range of activities that may take place in these schools or college gymnasium spaces, it is essential that the gym floor be adaptable. A versatile rubber pad & pour gymnasium surface offers superior resilience and slip-resistance for maximum comfort and injury prevention.

From an athletic standpoint, a gymnasium floor must satisfy technical rating requirements (i.e. ball bounce, shock absorption, coefficient of friction) to produce an optimal playing surface for sports; in terms of hygiene, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fieldhouse floors are best, with a variety of non-porous options that help prevent the occurrence of mould and mildew. Aesthetically, gymnasium rubber surfacing and field house surfacing is completely customizable- with the multiple colour options and the ability to add team logos, slogans, game lines, and much more.

The protection offered by poured in place rubber and urethane gymnasium flooring is three-fold: it protects the safety of athletes, the equipment inside, and the building itself.

In a multi-use environment, it is vital to install poured in place rubber flooring with outstanding mechanical strength and superior wear-resistance that provides maximum usability and minimum life-cycle costs.

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