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RivalMATS Wrestling & MMA Mats

$7.49$7.99 Price/Sq. Ft.

RivalMATS vinyl-bonded roll out foam wrestling mats and MMA matting are constructed using high-quality 35oz. vinyl, bonded to 2.06lb-density sport foam to deliver lasting durability and top performance in a variety of athletic martial arts applications. With multiple colors and thicknesses available, versatile RivalMATS grappling mats offer optimal safety and cushion for a variety of mat-based sports at any stage- from training to competition.

  • Comfort & Safety – shock absorbing sport foam helps to prevent injury due to impact.
  • Waterproof Traction – keep your footing, even when wet.
  • Heavy-duty Durability – stays in place during even the most intense grappling matches.
  • Versatility – home and commercial wrestling mats, MMA mats, and high impact workout mats.
  • Easy Maintenance – sweep or wipe up dirt, dust, and debris to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Easy Installation & Storage – simply roll out to get started; connect multiple mats together with vinyl mat tape for larger mat sizes; roll up when finished for easy storage or transport.
Available Sizes: 30', 10', 20', 40' x 5'
Thickness: 40mm (1-5/8")
Product-type: Rolls
Choose Colour / Style:
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Constructed of high-quality 35oz. vinyl, bonded to 2.06lb-density cross-linked polyethylene impact foam, RivalMATS’ non-porous surface is easy to keep clean and sanitary, while the flexible and shock-absorbent foam beneath provides optimal cushion to support even the most advanced moves in both practice and competition.

Regardless of the size of the high impact foam matting required, RivalMATS has options available to accommodate nearly any space and usage. Whether you are looking for a full-size wrestling mat (40’x 40’) or a small roll out mat for practicing BJJ, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts - RivalMATS vinyl rollout mats can be fastened together with our high strength vinyl tape to create any size wrestling and MMA mat. With three thicknesses available, versatile RivalMATS are great for a variety of combat sport applications: including low impact martial arts mats, UWW matting, Collegiate wrestling mats, Freestyle wrestling mats, mats for Greco Roma wrestling, karate matting, kickboxing matting, taekwondo mats, home or practice mats, and tumbling mats. Testing shows that our high quality 1- 5/8” thickness is the perfect combination for both safety and performance, offering sufficient cushion for falls ranging from little grapplers to collegiate wrestling athletes.

With its flexible rolling system, lightweight and versatile RivalMATS are quick and easy to set up (just roll out), connect to create larger mat sizes (fasten with included vinyl tape), break down (roll back up), and store or transport for future use. Offering the best in performance and dependability, RivalMATS lightweight wrestling, MMA, martial arts, and grappling mats set the industry standard for athlete comfort, protection and injury prevention.

Built to last with durable materials and quality construction, RivalMATS are the perfect foam mat option for a variety of sports and activities, including all mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu, wrestling and anywhere that a high impact, easy to clean and portable foam mat may be required. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you with your roll out MMA mats, tumbling mats, high impact workout mats, high school wrestling competition mats, wrestling practice mats, home wrestling mats, tumbling roll out mat or vinyl top grappling mat.

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Colour / Style

2001 – Knockout Blue, 2002 – Grapple Grey, 2003 – Attack Black


30', 10', 20', 40'




40mm (1-5/8")

Product Type



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