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MasterGRASS LUX – Artificial Turf

$5.99 Price/Sq.Ft.

Why yearn for a luscious, green lawn when you could be enjoying one without all the work! Commonly used as artificial landscape grass in front and backyards, MasterGRASS LUX synthetic turf is also great for dog run turf, playground artificial turf, and even for tradeshows synthetic grass. With no infill required, the soft grass fibres and lush secondary thatch material are designed to stand up on their own- significantly reducing the time, tools, materials, mess, and the cost of installing typical fake grass. Indoor or outdoor, natural looking MasterGRASS LUX artificial turf is the most realistic looking artificial grass in Canada. MasterGRASS not only is the most realistic looking turf on the market but it also feels like real grass too.

  • Ultra Realistic – soft fibres and lush secondary thatch material lend to a natural, rather than artificial, appearance and feel
  • Easy installation – fibres are designed to stand up on their own, no infill required = fewer tools and materials required, less time to install, less mess, and lower cost
  • Low maintenance – no infill equals no mess of top dressing or maintenance of replenishing infill
  • Durable – constructed of tough, long lasting PE straight yarn and PP thatch
  • Manageable – available in 12’ and 6’ rolls for easy shipping, unloading, and installation
Product-type: Rolls
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Professional Install
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Upgrade your space with MasterGRASS LUX artificial grass, for the most natural and realistic artificial landscape grass solution available. Unfortunately, most artificial turf sold in Canada is designed for places like Arizona and California where the desired look is one of a perfectly manicured country club lawn. Although this can look nice when the entire neighborhood has personal gardeners year-round maintaining their lawn grass, the reality here in Canada is that we are too seasonal to achieve this same perfect turf look, leaving your new synthetic lawn looking fake. Who would choose an artificial grass that look fake next to everyone else’s in the neighborhood, when you could have a beautiful, maintenance free synthetic lawn that looks like the real thing! MasterGRASS is designed to look and feel like a typical Canadian front or back lawn, thatch and all- instead of a golf course fairway.

Since MasterGRASS LUX fibres are designed to stand up on their own, infill is not required; this means big time and cost savings for you! Without the need for infill, fewer tools and materials are needed for installation, less time and labour are required to install the artificial turf, and there is far less mess! To top it off, because there is no infill required to help the fibres stand up, there is also no need to replenish this infill each year- again saving you time, money, and energy. Simply sit back and enjoy your luscious, green artificial lawn while your neighbours are busy mowing, watering, and maintaining theirs. If you want the perfect turf for your front or backyard without it looking and feeling fake, look no further than MasterGRASS.

Designed for Canadian climates, durable MasterGRASS LUX synthetic grass is constructed of tough, long-lasting primary grass blades and resilient yet soft secondary lawn thatch. The combination of flexible and chemical resistant PE with the tensile strength of lightweight PP makes durable MasterGRASS LUX the perfect solution for synthetic landscape grass in any front or backyard, dog turf for dog runs, artificial turf for play areas and playgrounds, and pet turf in any application. Since it is also available in both 6’ and 12’ widths, MasterGRASS LUX artificial landscape turf is also easier to manage than traditional larger synthetic grass rolls; making it easier to ship, load, unload, and install. This also makes it great as a portable option for temporary applications such as tradeshow booths and other events that require a temporary flooring solution.

Ideal applications for MasterGRASS LUX artificial turf include front yards, backyards, dog runs, pet areas, play places and playgrounds; even for temporary applications such as festivals, weddings, parties, display booths, and so much more.

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12', 6'

Colour / Style

LUX Lime, LUX Olive

Product Type



DIY, Loose Lay, Professional Install


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