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SnapGRID® XXL – Equipment Matting

Original price was: $9.00.Current price is: $7.61. Price/Sq.Ft.

Move equipment around construction sites with confidence, knowing that SnapGRID® XXL ground protection mats can bear the brunt of nearly any project. SnapGRID® XXL interlocking equipment matting tiles offer a portable, durable, and economical solution to create sturdy and protective matting over almost any surface, including grass, dirt, aggregate, or artificial turf. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble time and again, SnapGRID® XXL equipment matting tiles install without the use of special tools or training- saving time and money to boast an excellent return on investment.

  • Interlocking tile installation – quick & easy ground protection, no tools or training required
  • Fully portable – lightweight & manageable for easy assembly, disassembly, transport & storage
  • Slip-resistant GatorSKIN – added safety and traction for foot traffic, even when wet
  • Economical – designed for repeated use; low maintenance and easy to store & install to save time, space, and money
  • Drainage & ventilation – perforated tiles prevent harmful heat buildup while also allowing adequate drainage to prevent accumulated moisture on the surface and allowing moisture to drain through, preserving the natural grass and turf beneath
  • Ultra durable – load bearing tiles are suitable for exposure to landscape and some heavy construction weight
Available Sizes: 24" x 24"
Thickness: 30mm (1-3/16")
Product-type: Interlock
Installation: DIY, Interlocking, Loose Lay
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Durable and reusable SnapGRID® XXL ground protection mats create a fully portable, free-draining, slip-resistant surface over dirt, grass, and other aggregate materials- of any size, large or small - with no special tools required. Whether temporary roadways are required for trucks, skid steers, and equipment to move to and from the jobsite without damage to grass or turf, compaction of soil, or rutting; or where a large work pad is required to act as a boneyard compound, administrative space, or simply as additional temporary flooring for industrial and landscape applications, SnapGRID® XXL construction matting has you covered. Perforated SnapGRID® XXL equipment mats provide the ultimate temporary matting solution over grass or turf, temporarily preserving natural grass by allowing moisture to flow through freely and preventing damage to the turf beneath. With slip resistant GatorSKIN for added surface traction, safe and sturdy SnapGRID XXL® ground protection tiles are designed to protect the ground beneath, while also keep the jobsite mud and rut free.

Constructed for installation over a variety of different ground materials, durable SnapGRID® XXL interlocking base panels contour to the ground without breaking or cracking and are intended to be used again and again for a multitude of applications. With a straight-forward click-in-place interlocking system, assembly and disassembly are made easy, and transportation and storage of tiles for repeated use is logistically feasible due to the manageable size and weight of each tile. Simply sweep, wipe, or hose down mud or dirt – while the perforations drain away moisture and spills. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, weatherproof and UV stabilized SnapGRID® XXL equipment matting tiles are perfect for year-round, repeated use in industrial, construction or landscaping areas, boasting a profitable return on investment.

Superior to single-use ground protection materials such as plywood sheets, portable SnapGRID® XXL multipurpose ground protection tiles will not rot, crack, break, or absorb moisture or harmful chemicals. Constructed of strong and flexible polypropylene, SnapGRID® XXL grass protection mats are the ideal flooring solution for a variety of ground protection applications, including temporary construction site ground protection mats, temporary roadway protective matting for construction vehicles, skid steer mats, portable walkway flooring ground protection mats, temporary work pads, working platforms, or for any other outdoor application that may take place over an uneven area requiring a solid, stable surface to protect the ground beneath.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.09375 ft
Colour / Style

1801 – Fog Grey


30mm (1-3/16")





Product Type



DIY, Interlocking, Loose Lay


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