Do you have an area you’d like to outfit with high-quality flooring (gym, patio, garage, etc)? Are you in need of tough, durable, and versatile flooring options? 

Having the proper flooring can do wonders for an area: not only can it tie an expanse of space together in a cohesive manner; making it more homely and hospitable, but it can also provide style and refinement, which of course is great for both appearance and resale value. 

That’s why Gorilla brand specialty flooring is a great option to consider for your flooring needs! And in this article, we’ll be exploring the various uses of Gorilla specialty flooring products so you can gain a better understanding of its utility.

1. Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlay flooring is the ideal choice for a multitude of flooring options; with decorated features such as pillowed softness for dense surfaces, reduction in sound transference, and enhanced support; acoustic underlay is great for hardwood, vinyl plank, and laminate flooring. 

Moreover, acoustic underlayment offers easy installation in addition to floor stabilization. For example, subfloors can sometimes have slight deformities, which acoustic underlay flooring can help smooth out to produce a more solid floor. 

2. Anti-Fatigue

Do you find yourself standing on hard surfaces for lengthy periods? If so, this is a habit that can lead to fatigue rather quickly, and that’s exactly what the anti-fatigue mat is designed to prevent. 

This robust rubber material provides cushiony support as well as comfort for protracted time frames on your feet. 

3. Deck & Patio

When the thought of patio flooring comes to mind for most people, they typically associate it with the hardwood used for the railings and fences. But resurfacing your deck or patio with better and softer flooring is certainly an option. 

A self-draining tile for your deck and patio is a great alternative. It’s strong, robust, and resistant to slipping (which is great for safety purposes), etc. Additionally, installation is as simple as knowing how to click your tiles in place. 

4. Garage

Mancaves, workshops, gyms, or whatever else you can turn your garage into – they will all have the strong and brawny urbanity that makes them perfectly tailored to garage floors. 

The foremost options for garage flooring are garage tiles and garage rolls. With the rolls being the most affordable choice and the garage tiles being the easier one to install – you really can’t go wrong with either option. 

5. Home & Garden

Home & garden flooring is the perfect choice for those who appreciate beauty and practicality. This flooring option will enhance your home inside and out with its attractive design and serviceability.

The home & garden flooring option will create an open space for friends to convene, a warm atmosphere for family to reminisce, and an overall better outdoor experience for you as a homeowner. 

6. Landscape Synthetic Grass

If you want low maintenance, easy to manage, and most bang for your buck – then you’ll want Landscape Synthetic Grass – hands down. No upkeep; forget all about watering, fertilizing, and mowing. All of it is unnecessary with this outdoor flooring option.

The only drawback here is you will pay more upfront. However, this will more than pay for itself with all the time, effort, and resources you’ll save later on.

7. Other Specialty Surfaces

With such a vast array of flooring choices to choose from, it would be impossible to list them all. However, by understanding what some of the variations are, you’ll be in a better position to make the best choice for yourself and your situation. 

Here are a few more flooring options to be aware of:

  • SnapGRID™ XXL – Special Event Tiles
  • DuraRUBBER™ – Marine Mats
  • GorillaPROTECT 2.0 Outdoor Event Flooring
  • SnapGRID™ XXL – Equipment & Ground Protection Matting
  • VersaRUBBER™ Interlocking Rubber Tiles – Box Set

8. Rooftop & Drainage Tile

If style, pigmentation, and appearance are important to you, then these high-grade deck tiles need to be a consideration. They come in a plethora of shades, tones, and complexions. Moreover, they also produce a more secure and snug surface to just kick back and take it easy. 

This flooring option optimizes your outdoor experience, and it does it with easily situated, low upkeep rubber tiles for your deck. And all at an affordable price to boot.

9. Wet Areas

Wet spaces can be dangerous due to the slippery surface area they produce. For this reason, they need a secure surface for people to safely walk on. Places such as change rooms, pools, gym showers, docks, etc, all present the threat of slipping.

 However, you can mitigate slipping (or even eliminate it altogether) by putting in place interlocking drainage tiles. This flooring option is ideal for anywhere you can think of where a wet floor is present.