Designed for outdoor use as farm flooring, ultra-tough vulcanized rubber is the best rubber flooring for agricultural use in this hard-wearing application. Vulcanized rubber is produced through the process known as vulcanization, which involves mixing crumb rubber from recycled tires and additives, then bringing them to high temperatures and moulding them into a desired shape. The result is a strong, durable, and completely non-porous material-perfect properties for equine and livestock rubber mats, subject to extreme usage and designed to tolerate the likes of livestock weight.

Does vulcanized rubber have a strong odour?

Not all vulcanized rubber is created equal, and some do have a stronger odour than others. We do not recommend using high off-gassing rubber in an indoor setting. Our VersaRUBBER® vulcanized rubber mats have a slightly higher smell to them than our GatorPRO rolls, which are made of urethane-bonded rubber, but they are still considered to have low VOC and are well below the industry standard. Our VersaRUBBER® vulcanized rubber sheets have been used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from home gyms to skating rinks, animal and dog facilities, commercial spaces and many more!

Our DuraRUBBER® mats, which are also made of vulcanized rubber, are great for outdoor use and have more off-gassing than our VersaRUBBER® sheets. While DuraRUBBER® mats are not as offensive as some other cheap rubber stall mats, we still recommend them for outdoor applications or in well-ventilated areas. We have supplied these rubber mats to customers for boats and docks, dairy rubber matting, equine and horse stall mats, outdoor sports flooring, as well as for oilfield rubber matting.

Why choose DuraRUBBER® vulcanized rubber flooring on the farm?

Maximum Durability:

Designed to withstand the weight and pressure of cattle, horses, swine, and goats; the heavy-duty wear and tear of tractors and other farm equipment; as well as fluctuating weather conditions without deterioration.

High-Quality Versatility:

Unique reversible design offers a multi-purpose rubber agricultural mat that can be used anywhere on the farm, from barn matting, livestock trailer matting, horse stall mats, feedlot matting, storage mats, and anywhere else a tough rubber surface is needed.

Multi-Directional Drainage:

Honeycomb rubber surface side up allows moisture to be channelled away beneath to prevent stagnant moisture from accumulating beneath the mats; the FlowGRIP surface eliminates accumulated surface moisture to immediate foot traffic.

Safety & Traction:

FlowGRIP surface texture provides maximum grip for foot & hoof traffic, helping to reduce injuries from slips and falls; the Honeycomb surface provides slip resistance.

Cost Effective:

Rubber stall mats reduce the cost of injury treatment, bedding costs, and labour costs for mucking for long-term savings.

Comfort & Stability:

Honeycomb surface offers anti-fatigue properties to reduce stress on feet and legs while insulating against the cold and damp ground beneath for a more comfortable and relaxing animal environment.

Easy Maintenance:

Nonporous hexagonal rubber mats can be easily swept, shovelled, or hosed-clean.

Vulcanized rubber flooring has become increasingly popular due to its longevity and ability to provide a safe, slip-resistant surface that can withstand heavy traffic and high-impact activities. Because it is completely non-porous, it is easier to maintain and clean, making it more hygienic and the ideal surface for both commercial and residential agricultural applications. This also makes it the ideal option for applications where water may be present, as well as outdoors!

As you can see, vulcanized rubber flooring for agricultural purposes means an incredibly versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications. Its superior durability, shock absorption, and slip-resistant qualities make it an excellent choice for any space needing a dependable flooring solution. If you’re interested in our flooring options and would like additional information, contact us today to learn more.