Do you own a fitness centre, home gym, combat sports studio, or any other athletic facility? Looking for the proper flooring that will touch up your space as well as add comfort and enhance performance?

Then consider Gator Brand for your flooring needs.

Gator athletic rubber flooring is a versatile surface material that combines the shock and reverberation effects of rubber flooring. For this reason, workouts will become safer, funner, and more foolproof.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Gator rubber flooring also helps to alleviate the impact of hefty workout equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells (and human bodies for you martial artists) when being dropped on the floor.

This, in turn, prevents both the equipment as well as the floor itself from undergoing any damage or blemishes during rigorous workouts.

The Applications for Athletic Rubber Flooring

This is a very multifaceted product and can be applied to various athletic facilities. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Combat Sports

Whether you’re on the ground wrestling, grappling with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or going all-out in mixed martial arts, it’s crucial that you have the proper mats installed for both safety and cleanliness.

For martial arts or combat sports flooring, consider the adaptable EZ Flex Sports mats. This option is an excellent choice when it comes to your combat sports needs. Regardless of whether your facility offers taekwondo, boxing, or anything in between, the EZ mats will remain snug and properly positioned. As a result, you will have no issues with your mats shifting or moving while sessions are taking place.


There are a myriad of rubber flooring options available for fitness. And with this being the case, it’s imperative that you get the product that will best suit your needs and requirements for each workout regime you engage in.

For your fitness gym (whether at home or in a facility), durability, versatility, and easy installment are all prerequisites. And with the VersaRUBBER Sports and Fitness mats, you will find all of these qualities and much more.


As it pertains to fieldhouses and gymnasiums, the best choice goes to the GatorFLO flooring system. Tough, long-lasting, and unwaveringly persistent; this harmonious yet impenetrable floor is an athlete’s dream.

Additionally, it offers multipurpose functions. Besides athletic events, this flooring system can also cater to cafeteria meetings, large assemblies, and even communal gatherings. Its easy-to-clean and maintain veneer make it possible to host congregations with high foot traffic.


Gymnastics are a meticulous display of physical strength, acute coordination, and athletic capacity. For this reason (among many others), athletes need a flooring system specifically produced for bolstered performance. This means a floor that offers easement, protection, and propulsion is non-negotiable.

Ideal for rehearsing abilities and enhancing skills, the Gator SoftLOC (with interlocking tiles) is a hardwearing floor fastened gymnastics rug produced with cushioning and traction in mind. The former to safeguard against injury, and the latter to prevent stumbles and trips.

Skating and Hockey

Because of their substantial size as well as the activities that take place within them, hockey rinks and skating arenas are constantly subject to a myriad of challenges in their surroundings (dirt, grime, cold, moisture, etc).

As a consequence, the flooring has to be resilient, stout, and enduring. It has to have a level of durability that can ride out the brimming congestion of hockey players and skaters.

To serve this purpose, rubber arena mats, rubber sheets, and rubber rolls are the ideal flooring option. This is because rubber is intrinsically long-lasting and resistant to slipping.

Home Gym

Many athletes, fitness fanatics, and even some everyday hobbyists have taken the initiative to set up their own home gym. In this case; simple but effective is what you’re going for. First-rate, shock-absorbent rubber mats are perfect for a home gym setup.

While GatorPRO rubber rolls and GatorLOC interlocking tiles will provide you with comfort as well as sound muffling properties that will mitigate the loud clacking of weights hitting the floor.

Interlocking Court Flooring

Typically used for basketball or tennis courts, the SnapGRID LX Sports Tiles can also be utilized on almost any sporting veneer. This premium court flooring option provides a sturdy, locked-in place fit as well as easy portability due to its interlocking system.

Furthermore, its seamless installment and easy-to-maintain surface make it the ideal choice for athletes that like efficiency and effortlessness when it comes to maintenance.


Athletic rubber flooring offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a weightlifter, a martial artist, or just a regular person who enjoys being active, you will no doubt find what it is that you’re looking for amongst these options.