Waterproof Flooring | Water Safety Surfaces | Non-Slip Flooring

We provide numerous flooring options to ensure safety, durability, and esthetic appeal for swimming pools, pool decks, shower room flooring, boat docks, saunas, and much more! You won’t be left out to dry with our wide range of non-slip and waterproof flooring products.

Safety, Durability, and Superior Performance

Ideal for any indoor or outdoor application, our water safety products are durable enough to perform in any high traffic aquatic area. We offer rubber mat and tile products that feature anti-slip and cushioning qualities to create comfort and ease for all users. And with a variety of color and speckle options available, you can be sure to find an attractive and functional product to suit your specific individual requirements.

Premium Quality. North American Made. Eco-Friendly.

You can be confident that our water safety surface products are of premium quality and exceptional durability. All of our products are made right here in North America, meaning your water safety surfaces are guaranteed to be 100% compliant with North American safety and environmental regulations.

We use recycled rubber product whenever possible, which helps both us and our customers to reduce any environmental footprint. And because our products are made right here (and not shipped from a manufacturing facility overseas), we can further lighten our environmental impact through reduced transportation times and distances.

Easy, Fast Installation and Maintenance

Save time and money with simple and easy installation procedures. Our rubber tiles and mats feature easy snap and lock installation and do not require any special adhesives to fix them in place, making the installation and maintenance of our products quick, easy, and efficient.

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