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More information about daycare flooring and safety surfaces…

Many childcare facilities also house playground equipment, which may require fall height rated rubber playground mats. Since most childhood playground injuries occur as the result of falls to the ground, the child safe flooring material used must provide a cushion for protection.

The anti-fatigue properties of rubber or foam matting will help improve comfort and protect growing bodies from the injury and impact.

With sound reduction properties as well, transmission of loud noises from children’™s recreation and activity spaces can be reduced to minimize disturbances to other areas of the building, such as quiet spaces and nap rooms.

Fall-height ratings… Safety first!

Fall height ratings are assigned to a safety surface indicating the height of which a fall can occur before resulting in injury. The fall height rating requirement of the space can be satisfied by the density and thickness of the rubber playground tiles installed, to drastically increase the shock absorption properties of the surface.

Residential fall-height safety

For most residential day home playground surfaces, a 1.5’™ fall height is enough.

Commercial fall-height safety

For commercial daycare playgrounds, a 4’™ to 6′ fall height is typically required; though typically, fall heights will range depending on the heights of the playground equipment.

The safest surface for a childcare facility or indoor play space is a rubber surface; it is also the most comfortable and attractive. Playground flooring tiles are constructed of a porous, heavy-gauge rubber to provide considerable shock-absorbing and slip-resistant properties. Many also offer a unique backing to increase their ability to flex under pressure- offering a comfortable, cushioned (anti-fatigue) surface on which to play.

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