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RivalMATS Multi-Purpose Mats

$9.99$10.09 Price/Sq. Ft.

Suitable for use in a variety of applications where added safety is required, carpet-top and vinyl-top RivalMATS are ideal for everyone from individuals with sensory processing difficulties or neurodevelopmental conditions, to dependant individuals who may require daily assistance. With your choice of an easy to sanitize, nonporous vinyl surface or soft and easy to vacuum carpeted surface, RivalMATS offers the traction and cushion needed to create a safe space for anyone, making them the perfect rubber mats flooring solution!


  • Versatile – suitable for use in a wide variety of application that require a forgiving surface.
  • Comfort – cushion backing helps to reduce fatigue while providing a comfortable space.
  • Safety – impact-reducing foam helps to prevent related injuries.
  • Durable – heavy duty construction for long lasting durability
  • Easy to Install – simply roll out to use and roll up when finished for easy storage or transport.
  • Easy to Maintenance – mop, vacuum, sweep or wipe up dirt, dust, and debris to keep clean.
Available Sizes: 30', 10', 20', 40' x 5'
Thickness: 35mm (1-3/8"), 40mm (1-5/8")
Product-type: Rolls
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RivalMATS cushioned mats are easy to roll out and roll up to create a safe and comfortable space in any application- even up the walls! Whether you’re looking to create a tactile sensory room for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, or a protective space for dependant adults who may rely on daily assistance, RivalMATS multipurpose foam mats employ the trusted reliability of high-density foam to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Available in high-quality 35oz vinyl- and ultra durable 26oz carpet-top surface to suit the requirements of the space, RivalMATS foam matting are backed with a high-performance 2.06lb-density cross-linked polyethylene impact reducing foam, to provide added safety and mitigate the risk of injury. While vinyl-top foam mats are typically ideal for messy and active spaces, since they are easier to clean and don’t absorb moisture and odours and are generally more accessible for wheelchair use; carpet-top foam mats tend to be better suited to quieter, calmer spaces since they provide added warmth and coziness, with the softer tactile surfaces being easier on hands and feet. Using a combination of both vinyl foam mats and carpet foam mats is a great way to create differentiation within the space, designating visual space for specific tasks on each texture.


Whether used as a sensory play mat or interactive tactile surface (for individuals with tactile defensiveness issues) in a space designed for calming, sensory, or multipurpose activities, shock absorbing RivalMATS sensory mats offer a safe and engaging platform for sensory exploration, motor skill development, coordination, and balance. Play mats can be placed on the floor or affixed to the wall in environments designed for stimulation as well as in spaces that encourage calm and relaxation. Available in smooth, moisture-resistant vinyl-top foam mats (for a surface that is easy to wipe clean and sanitize), and a soft and warm carpet-top foam mat (for a grippy surface that is easy to vacuum clean), there is a RivalMATS sensory for every space.


When used as safety mats for assisted living spaces, protective foam RivalMATS not only help to reduce the risk of injury to user but also protect the floors and walls from damage. Soft underfoot with a nonslip carpet or vinyl surface, RivalMATS traction mats are ideal for protection against injury and impact to joints- and provide an insulating barrier to help control the room’s temperature. Shock absorbing RivalMATS foldaway mats are a great all-around option for any space requiring added safety, temporarily or permanently.


Produced in 5’ widths, RivalMATS vinyl topped foam mats and carpet topped foam mats are manageably sized for quick and easy transport and storage- and the flexible rolling system makes them a breeze to roll out and install permanently or temporarily. RivalMATS are the perfect solution for calming room mats, assisted living floor mats, sensory room mats, autism wall pads, special needs classroom mats, autism sensory room flooring, autism sensory room wall padding, school sensory room mats, adult sensory room matting, autism classroom mats, special education classroom mats, special needs wall mats, special needs floor rubber mats, and calming room flooring.

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Colour / Style

2001 – Knockout Blue, 2002 – Grapple Grey, 2003 – Attack Black, 2101 – Backflip Blue, 2102 – Vault Grey


30', 10', 20', 40'




35mm (1-3/8"), 40mm (1-5/8")

Product Type



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