PlaySafe is one of the leading safety surface brands for its protection against falls, durability, easy installation, and versatility. PlaySafe surfaces are commonly used for daycares, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, combat sports, gymnastics, and more. In this article, we take a look at some of the most important features of this flooring solution that can enhance the safety of your facility and some of its most common applications. 

What PlaySafe surfaces provide

  • Shock absorption – Shock absorption refers to the surface’s ability to cushion or reduce the force of impact. Surfaces with low shock absorption (such as hardwood flooring and vinyl tiles) may result in impact-related injuries, fatigue, and stress fractures as most of the energy from the impact will return back to the person. Shock absorption is especially important for daycares and indoor/outdoor playgrounds to protect children from falls, as well as,  sports facilities to help prevent injury and fatigue for athletes. PlaySafe offers flooring that meets critical fall height requirements to help reduce the risk of serious injuries.


  • Stability – Not to be confused with slip-resistance properties, stability is how the surface buckles under pressure. For example, an extremely soft surface can result in injuries and fatigue because of the way the surface ‘gives’ with weight (think of trying to run a marathon on a soft mattress). PlaySafe surfaces provide just the right amount of cushioning while offering the stable footing that athletes and children need to pivot, run, rotate, and push off the surface.


  • Slip-resistance – Traction is important when considering the appropriate flooring for your facility. PlaySafe surfaces have a slip-resistant finish that delivers optimum levels of traction and friction.


  • Easy maintenance – Flooring that is easy to maintain is a must when you run a busy facility. To clean PlaySafe surfaces, simply sweep or vacuum debris and use warm water and a gentle cleanser when mopping.

Where PlaySafe surfaces are used

Designed for high-traffic and high-impact areas, PlaySafe products comply with stringent ASTM requirements for fall safety and performance. PlaySafe surfaces are most commonly used in (but not limited to) the following applications.

Climbing & BoulderingThe flooring surface for climbing and bouldering facilities must be cushioned and be fall height certified. The fall height rating refers to the height of which a fall can occur before a serious injury should occur. PlaySafe sports surfaces have shock absorption properties that meet the requirements of climbing and bouldering facilities.

Daycares & SchoolsPlaySafe flooring creates a safe environment for children to play, explore, and learn. PlaySafe products have minimal to low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are easy to clean after snacks and arts & crafts with no harsh chemical cleansers required. They are available in multiple colours to match the aesthetics of the daycare and to provide an exciting area for children to gather. The cushioned flooring helps prevents injuries, provides comfort, and absorbs loud noises to minimize disturbances. 

Gymnastics & TumblingFlooring for gymnastics facilities is one of the most important aspects of the sport. The surface must be slip-resistant, provide traction, and be cushioned while sturdy enough to bear weight and impact. PlaySafe sports flooring offers a safe place to land, protecting gymnasts from serious injury and fatigue. These mats are extremely portable and can be removed and installed quickly to different locations. This is a bonus for facilities that travel for competitions and need to brings mats for practice. 

Martial Arts / MMAMartial arts facilities need a durable flooring surface that can handle heavy foot traffic, weight, and the high-impact activity of the sport. Our EZ Flex vinyl rolls are resilient against rips and stains, are mold- and mildew-resistant, and easy to unfold and store away. PlaySafe’s versatile roll-out mats are ideal for Martial Arts because of their seamless surface that won’t snag toes and a smooth surface that eliminate mat burns. As with all PlaySafe sports surfaces, Martial Arts mats are shock-absorbant and cushioned. 

Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds – Most playground injuries occur as a result of falls, highlighting the importance of selecting a safe and cushioned playground flooring. PlaySafe’s rubber mat and tiles are designed especially for playground safety and help protect children from dangerous falls. With flooring options that meet ASTM critical fall height requirements. Rubber flooring absorbs shock, are slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, and comfortable for children to play on. PlaySafe’s playground flooring solutions are extremely durable with a long lifespan.

Perfect Surfaces is proud to supply PlaySafe flooring solutions. For more information on products, pricing, and ordering, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.