When you are looking for flooring for your residential or commercial space, there are several options to choose from…

Keep in mind what you want from your flooring product. Are you placing flooring in a high-traffic area or garage? … How long do you need the flooring surface to last? All these things play an important part in the decision-making process to determine what type of floor you install. Rubber flooring is gaining popularity for many reasons and you need to consider all of these before you make the final decision.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Consider the environment when choosing your next flooring option. Rubber flooring keeps millions of scrap rubber tires out of landfill sites. How is this possible? Re-purposing the rubber into usable material such as rubber flooring tiles and surfaces is the ideal way to recycle. Not only is the product almost 100% recyclable but new rubber is a renewable product derived from the sap of rubber trees.

Thinking of earning points toward your LEED certification? Many rubber flooring products are PVC free, helping your indoor spaces stay clear of leaching chemicals, allowing you to breathe better. Are you concerned about installation? Rubber flooring can often be installed without the use of adhesives, further attesting to its eco-friendly status.

Safe and Clean

When you think of rubber flooring, think of safety. Installing rubber flooring in playgrounds and gyms helps prevent injury. Since rubber is a natural cushioning product when someone falls the rubber will absorb some of the shocks. Children are better protected in the playgrounds with the use of rubber tiles compared to wood chips. Wood chips lend themselves to slivers and are less forgiving than the softening effect of rubber. You also need to consider cleanliness. Rubber floors are easily cleaned, often with just mild soap and water plus they resist stains, mould, and mildew.


Installing rubber flooring will provide you with a surface that is long-lasting and durable. Depending on the use and location, rubber floors can last upwards of 25 plus years! Rubber is naturally slip-resistant and soft to walk on. Interior installations of rubber floors are ideal to help absorb noise in a home gym or play area.

What about exterior uses of rubber flooring around a swimming pool or on a deck? You’ll be happy to know rubber flooring is resilient and resists UV rays and light frost. To sum it up, this type of flooring has minimal upkeep and will stay looking great for a long time!

It’s time you decided to install rubber flooring for your next home or office project!

You’ll be happy with the results and can smile knowing you are contributing to keeping the environment green.