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Historically, outdoor playground surfaces were commonly only concrete or asphalt which have zero shock absorbing properties and can result in life-threatening injuries. Other play areas have grass or turf coverage, which offer only minimal shock absorbing properties, but are prone to accelerated degradation as a result of environmental conditions and recurring physical wear.

Many playgrounds have wood mulch, rubber mulch or pea gravel still, which offers inconsistent shock absorption as it can easily shift or move, causing level displacement- effectively nullifying any fall height rating it may have had at full depth not to mention the mess that it makes and maintenance and regular top ups required.

What is a fall-height rating?

Many facilities will require a play centre surface with a fall height rating as well – these ratings are assigned to a safety surface, indicating the height of which a fall can occur before resulting in injury.

The fall height rating requirement of the space can be satisfied by the density and thickness of the rubber flooring tiles or foam pads installed, to drastically increase the shock absorption properties of the play area.

For most home playground rubber surfaces, a 1.5’™ fall height is enough.

For commercial playground rubber surfacing, daycare playground areas and school playgrounds, a 4’™ or 6′ fall height is typically required; though typically, fall height requirements will range depending on the playground equipment.

What about other surfaces around the playground?

Many playgrounds also have areas, or ground level play areas that may require tiles or playground synthetic turf. Ensuring a perforated drainage tile for children’™s s will prevent excess moisture from accumulating on the surface, allowing for a drier and safer surface.

Playground artificial turf tolerates excessive wear and tear, is UV stable and resistant to extreme weather, making it extremely durable for playground applications. Playground turf padding is also available to satisfy fall height safety ratings.

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