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GatorFLO® – Pad and Pour

GatorFLO® synthetic sports flooring is the optimal surface for your running track, gymnasium or specialized training facility. Athletes and trainers alike will benefit from the shock absorption, versatility and seamless uniformity of GatorFLO® commercial gym floor. The ultra tough pad and pour floor provides a superior biomechanical sports surface which is available in a variety of colours, thicknesses and densities. With a durable wear layer that can be recoated indefinitely, you’ll love your GatorFLO® resilient rubber sports floor for years to come.

  • Multi-purpose – a great flooring choice for a variety of uses
  • Seamless – the perfect finish
  • Impact-absorbing – to reduce injury and protect athlete’s joints
  • Flexible and customizable – to suit any decor or style
  • Hygienic – easy to clean and maintain
Product-type: Pad and Pour
Installation: Professional Install
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Designed for multi-use athletic centers and fitness facilities, durable GatorFLO® pour in place surfacing is a non-porous synthetic flooring solution with seamless uniformity and fatigue-reducing properties to reduce injury and protect athlete's joints. GatorFLO® seamless urethane floor is a safe and comfortable surface that is easy to clean and maintain; and its high content of recycled materials makes it a sustainable flooring choice. GatorFLO® gymnasium flooring provides balance between surface friction and slide to increase performance while reducing injury. Unlike traditional hardwood gym floors, GatorFLO® poured urethane flooring does not damage easily, eliminating expensive repair costs; annual maintenance is not required, and the court surface is not compromised by temperature or humidity changes.

GatorFLO® resilient gym flooring is the PERFECT answer to eliminating damage and the maintenance required due to general wear and tear, bleachers, chairs, tables and any other item that can cause damage to hardwood courts. GatorFLO® high performance sports floors are the best option for a low maintenance gymnasium floor and the most cost-effective long-term solution. Easily installed over most existing surfaces, field-applied layers of self-levelling liquid polyurethane are poured over a resilient rubber base mat for a beautifully seamless, custom fitness and athletic surface that athlete's will immediately reap the impact-resistant benefits from. With a durable wear layer that can be recoated indefinitely, you'll love your GatorFLO® gym floor for years to come.

Available in a variety of colours, thicknesses and densities, GatorFLO® sports floor is the optimal synthetic surface for your running track, track and field training facility, multi-purpose and multi-sport facility, field house, school gymnasium, recreation centre, or other specialized training facility.

Features & Benefits:

  • High performance, seamless, and cushioned surface for shock absorption with point-elastic properties
  • Approved for use as a multi-sports surface for all indoor sports
  • Unlimited design and sports line capabilities
  • Non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean
  • Provides optimum adherence to prevent sliding and slipping
  • High tensile strength and tear strength, the wear layer makes this flooring tough and durable
  • Versatile for non-sports functions
  • Easy to maintain and can be resurfaced when required

Additional information

Colour / Style

0713 – Beige, 0717 – Oxide Red, 0720 – Pastel Blue, 0721 – Grass Green, 0724 – Light Grey, 0725 – Dusty Grey, 0726 – Sapphire, 0727 – Pale Brown

Product Type

Pad and Pour


Professional Install


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