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Cheap Rubber Mats


Intended for use in unfinished spaces where function is paramount over aesthetics, multipurpose rubber skid mats offer shock absorption, sound absorption, resilience, traction, and cushion in a wide variety of applications. Resilient skid mats can help to cushion against impact from fallen or dropped objects, reduce both sound and vibration, and offer antifatigue qualities to reduce stress to the body caused by long periods of standing as well as prevent injury associated with repetitive motions. Please note that these rubber mats can have imperfections and you are not guaranteed to have any two mats the exact same, that is why they are a low-priced rubber mat option. Due to the inconsistent nature of these mats, all sales are final.

  • Safety & Comfort – nonslip anti fatigue rubber tiles reduce stress on joints and prevent injury
  • Impact Attenuation – minimizes disruptions from transmission of shock, sound, and vibration
  • Durable – abrasion resistance allows for excellent performance in hard wearing applications
  • Low maintenance – takes minimal effort to maintain for lower life expectancy costs
  • Eco-friendly – sustainably produced using up to 92% recycled rubber
  • Multipurpose – suitable for any unfinished space where aesthetics are unimportant
  • Versatile – temporary (loose-lay, tape down) and permanent (glue down) installation
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Thickness: 2-3mm, 5-6mm, 8-9mm
Product-type: Mats


Where the inherent properties of rubber are required but a perfectly flat finish or consistent appearance is not, economical rubber skid mats are made for the job. While the variance in the thickness of skid mats can range from mat to mat- even from one end of the mat to another- the durable abrasion-resistance of a nonslip rubber skid mat provides excellent cushion and traction in hard wearing applications such as garage anti-fatigue mats where abrasive chemical spills are common, for low cost work out areas where floor and weight protection is more important than looks, in truck beds as cargo mats to prevent contents from sliding around, as garden sheds mats or storage sheds mats where sharp tools and corrosive chemicals could damage other surfaces, or even cut to fit on ladders and stairs as rubber treads to provide better vertical traction!

What eco-friendly skid mats lack in consistency, they made up for in performance! If regularity in colour and thickness are irrelevant to your application, economical rubber skid mats offer the inherent impact attenuation properties of a “finished” rubber flooring product, but at a fraction of the cost. Ideal as washing machine mats (to minimize the transfer of vibration), free-weight lifting mats (to absorb impact from dropped weights), and heavy equipment matting (to protect both the equipment and the floor beneath from damage), low VOC skid mats (no rubber stink) are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Affordable mat options available.

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2-3mm, 5-6mm, 8-9mm





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