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VersaRUBBER® – Equine & Livestock Mats

$4.56$5.81 Price/ Sq. Ft.

Save money and reduce injury and strain to animals large and small with premium grade VersaRUBBER® Equine & Livestock rubber matting. This is not your typical cheap rubber mat, VersaRUBBER® rubber mats are designed for extreme durability yet offer an ultra clean cut and finish. VersaRUBBER® rubber sheets provide the comfort and durability required for all livestock, farm, and ranch areas, VersaRUBBER® rubber equine mats easily withstand heavy animal traffic, are nonporous, so they are easy to keep clean and last a lifetime. Improve the safety, comfort, and appearance of any agriculture or farm space with ultra versatile VersaRUBBER® livestock and horse matting.

  • Tough Durability – resistant to extreme temperatures, wear, abrasion, sharp claws, and hooves
  • Exceptional Safety – slip resistant and impact absorbent to reduce injury and strain to joints
  • Superior Comfort – waterproof rubber mats provide thermal insulation from the cold and damp
  • Reduces bedding costs – long term cost savings on other types of bedding, time spent on labour
  • Non-porous – dual-layer, vulcanized rubber agriculture matting repels urine and other liquids
  • Easy to Install & Maintain – loose lay installation and simply spray with water to clean
  • Sustainable rubber agriculture matting – made of recycled rubber
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Thickness: 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2")
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue
Product-type: Mats
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Shock absorbing VersaRUBBER® horse and cattle rubber mats offers cushion to help relieve the physical stress and fatigue associated with walking or standing for extended periods of time, while also providing thermal insulation from cold, damp, uncomfortable subfloors. Designed specifically for use in agricultural applications, non-slip VersaRUBBER® ranch & farm mats offer added traction for protection against slips and falls to reduce the risk of injury and casting; they also provide extra grip to help larger animals when getting up from the ground- even where a layer of alternative bedding could easily be displaced in its efforts. Stable bedding costs alone are drastically reduced by using rubber stall mats beneath other bedding (straw, shavings etc.) and can be further reduced by switching to rubber stall mat-only bedding. Further associated cost savings include the reduced cost of bedding storage and a considerable reduction in labour and time spent mucking out (rubber stable bedding takes only minutes to sweep out, and occasionally spray down).

Premium VersaRUBBER® livestock flooring has virtually no VOC off-gassing (no stinky rubber smell) and helps to reduce the transmission of vibration and noise between spaces. Unlike other materials that absorb moisture and trap odours, the nonporous surface of VersaRUBBER® equine mats easily repel liquid contaminants for easy clean up and maintenance to reducing odour-causing bacteria to further enhance the overall comfort of the space. Durable and long lasting VersaRUBBER® stock trailer matting is tough enough to protect the existing floor beneath, while also defending against damage from heavy weight, extreme wear, and sharp hooves to the surface- making it the perfect rubber farm matting for any agricultural space with exposure to moisture and heavy traffic.

Common applications for VersaRUBBER® Equine & Livestock rubber mats include barn matting, horse stall matting, dairy housing matting, stock trailer matting, cow mats, barn aisle matting, stable matting, equine matting, cattle mats, hog and pig pen matting, horsebox matting, trailer ramp matting, equine stall mats, calf and pig pen matting, washing and tying bay matting, cow milking parlour matting, cow bedding base mats, chicken coop matting, cow shed matting, Quonset hut matting, or anywhere else that a durable, safe, and comfortable rubber flooring is required around the horse trailer, farm or ranch.


Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.0416667 ft
Colour / Style

1401 – Vex Black, 1402 – Venom Grey, 1403 – Vivid Blue, 1404 – Vino Red, 1405 – Vapour Beige, 1406 – Victory White






10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2")


DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product Type



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