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Outdoor sport court tiles have different requirements than indoor sports courts; for example, an outdoor sports court is vented to allow water to flow through, to ensure a slip-resistant sports surface in wet or dry conditions.

Outdoor courts should also be UV-resistant to resist fading from the sun, keeping the resilient sport court looking its best. Outdoor sport court tiles that are designed to withstand harsh climates will always perform best, especially those with a flexible interlocking system that allows expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures; flexible interlocking tile will prevent warping, cracking, or snapping.

Non-porous indoor sports courts are also easy to clean and maintain but indoor sports courts are a solid surface- to prevent water and other liquids from penetrating to the subfloor. Indoor sports courts are also fully customizable, making it easy to add game lines and team logos. Regardless of the sport, both indoor sports courts and outdoor sports courts should provide traction and shock absorbency, alleviating impact to the joints and maximizing playtime.

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