Summer is well underway and patio season has homeowners enjoying their outdoor living spaces. While some home projects require special conditions, installing deck and patio tiles can happen at any time of the year.

Below, we take a look at some of the advantages of installing deck and patio tiles this season:

Withstands UV Exposure

Extensive exposure to UV rays can result in premature fading of your deck’s paint. SnapGRID™ LX interlocking deck tiles are designed to withstand exposure to the sun and excessive use. This protects your patio floor underneath from harmful UV rays and prolongs the life of your deck boards.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Outdoor tiles aren’t limited to your deck and patio. They are perfect for pool decks, outdoor showers, and around your hot tub or jacuzzi. The slip-resistant and the self-draining surface provide added safety and traction for potentially hazardous areas.

Added Comfort and Relief

SnapGRID™ LX deck tiles add comfort and relief to feet, legs, and back. This makes patio tiles ideal for grilling and cooking outdoors on surfaces over concrete, paving stones, or wood decking.

Easy to Install

Unlike some outdoor flooring installations, deck and patio tiles are easy to snap together and can be configured to suit any space. The interlocking tiles are a great solution for cracked surfaces and unsightly floors.

Portable and Easy to Clean

Going camping for the weekend? Outdoor deck and patio tiles can be taken apart, transported, and installed over any smooth surface. Once you’re done, the perforated design can be hosed down and will easily drain away dirt. The durable material can withstand continuous disassembly and reassembly without breaking.

Versatile Designs

Patio tiles come in full-colour options to suit the aesthetics of any outdoor living space. Should you change the colour and design of your deck, these tiles can be easily interchanged to match.

Suits Any Outdoor Space

Deck and patio tiles are an economical and comfortable addition to any outdoor living space. These cushioned and durable surfaces are designed for multi-purpose use and can be installed any day of the year.