Sports, one word says it all. With a wide range of different sports and an equally large range of athletes who play these various sports, what is one thing they all have in common? All require some sort of training or playing surface. Athletes want great flooring to train on or play their favourite sport. Old style AstroTurf and traditional crumb rubber artificial fields are a thing of the past. When you want performance, safety, versatility, and durability you need non-infill artificial turf. What are some of the benefits of SuperSOFT short pile, non-infill Artificial Turf?

1. Versatility

Indoor artificial turf is the ideal surface for all your athletic events. It can be used for indoor soccer fields, indoor track and field, batting cages, lacrosse, sled pushes, agility training, sprint tracks, and exercise facilities. No need to worry about lifting tiles or damaged wood surfaces as with typical gyms. Artificial turf with revolutionary SuperSOFT fibre is ideal and durable plus it can be customized with logos and lines, so it is ready when you are.

Non-infill artificial turf’s multipurpose use makes it ideal for facilities to host more than just sporting events. You can choose a permanent installation or have the product installed with Velcro seams for easy removal. The short pile design with soft feel can transition a recreation centre into a special event venue for weddings, tradeshows or meetings.

2. Minimal Upkeep

Indoor artificial turf will work for a variety of uses. Whether your facility houses one large playing field or multiple areas for weight training, agility training or running events, you need to consider artificial turf. This low maintenance product provides the quality and safety your athletes are looking for. Customized products and installation provide you with the flexibility to choose from a variety of styles, add specific logos, and offer a smooth surface finish.

If you don’t want a green field, choose a different colour as artificial turf comes in several different shades to add a little personality to your sports ground. Artificial turf stays looking good for many years and if you need to remove your artificial surface, it can be done quickly and easily.

3. Impact Absorbing and Safety

Artificial turf can make the difference between an athlete getting a bruise or a major injury. The special foam layer beneath the playing surface is safer and has a lower impact base to protect you against serious injuries. The rubber base helps absorb a substantial amount of shock when an athlete trains or takes a tumble during an event. Artificial grass allows both amateur and elite athletes alike the ability to train indoors (no bad weather) on a consistent playing surface, significantly reducing the risk of injury while still providing the same look and feel of training on real grass. The non-slip qualities of the product will have everyone excited and performing to the best of their ability from Olympic athletes to Timbits soccer players.

Old school artificial turf lends itself to a host of carpet burns, scabs and abrasions due to its abrasive fibre construction. The new age SuperSOFT fibre in non-infill artificial turf helps cushion you after a fall and prevents your shoes, clothing, and body orifices from filling up with bits of rubber.

The next time you are considering what type of surface you need for that awesome athletic field or training facility, give some serious consideration to artificial turf. You’ll be at the top of your game even if your team isn’t.