Rubber flooring is a versatile product for use in a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications…

Ecofriendly rubber can be integrated into existing commercial spaces, is ideal for heavy traffic areas, and can be installed quickly…  Whether you are looking for functionality, aesthetics, or durability, you need a great rubber floor. You can choose from a variety of colours, textures and thickness to suit recreation areas, healthcare, retail, educational facilities, and offices.

Recreational Uses

Do you operate a fitness facility and have concerns about the type of flooring currently in your gym and locker rooms? It’s time you considered rubber flooring. Your gym floor takes a beating from daily traffic, weights, and equipment and needs to be functional and strong. Rubber flooring is available for a variety of athletic facilities including courts, yoga studios, weight rooms, spas, locker facilities, and arenas. Every application is designed specifically for your needs, whether you need indoor/outdoor mats or the durability of high impact flooring. Rubber flooring provides cushioning and anti-slip properties to keep your patrons safe.

Healthcare Uses

Medical centres or dental offices need reliable flooring to ensure the integrity in their health centres. Rubber flooring provides stability and soundproofing. Privacy is a top concern in the healthcare industries and as such, it is important to limit sound transfer to protect patient information. When you install rubber flooring in your clinic you are preventing noise and conversations from travelling from one area to another. The insulating ability of this type of flooring helps sound remain in the zone where it originates. Not only does rubber flooring provide privacy but it is easily cleaned and maintained making it perfect for high traffic situations.

Educational and Daycare Uses

Schools and childcare facilities need to be concerned with the safety of all their students. Having a good rubber floor helps keep children safe from injuries. Not only are rubber floors perfect for zones that see frequent traffic from outside activities, but they are great for indoor spaces. Children experience trips and fall regularly and with cushioned flooring, they are less likely to sustain an injury. The waterproof ability of this type of flooring also helps prevent everyone from sliding around on puddles left behind from wet footwear. As a bonus, rubber flooring comes in a variety of colours to brighten up any classroom.

Retail and Hospitality

Rubber flooring works well in retail industries to provide durability and comfort. When your employees spend hours on their feet they need some cushioning to help with the long days. Rubber flooring is perfect for areas prone to moisture such as commercial kitchens and bars. Products come in a variety of options including modular rubber tiles, seamless rubber flooring, rubber rolls and sheet flooring. Having a quality rubber flooring product installed in your place of the business ensures a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing space.


Making your office space user-friendly requires more than a few partitions and some furniture. You need to start with a reliable flooring product. Rubber flooring makes perfect sense in an office environment. It provides the convenience of low maintenance and a long life while giving your office a soundproofing surface to help eliminate distractions. Rubber flooring products are also eco-friendly and a great way to state that your business is concerned about the environment.