You are thinking about putting new flooring in your commercial, sports or fitness space. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to know which one to go for. An excellent flooring choice is one you may not have thought about right away, recycled rubber flooring. Why would you consider installing recycled rubber flooring?

1. Environmentally Friendly

As an environmentalist, you want to ensure you are doing your part to keep the earth in top condition and thrive. Instead of installing a typical synthetic carpet, VCT tile or vinyl plank in your commercial space, consider recycled rubber flooring made from repurposed tires.

How are old tires used to make flooring? Old tires are shredded and then used to create a new rubber material for your floor. Instead of letting those old tires go to waste or get burned up, you are getting a great flooring product that will last for years to come. Perfect Surfaces is a specialty flooring company that will provide you with a wide array of recycled rubber flooring options for whatever space you need it in.

You can smile knowing that your rubber flooring has reduced water and air pollution because you are environmentally conscious.

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2. Unique

Be unique and proud to show off your new recycled floor. Rubber recycled flooring has exciting options with many colours and patterns to choose from. Recycled flooring can be made from a variety of materials such as rubber or cork. Ask your flooring specialist what the benefits of each flooring material are and where they would best be placed. No matter what type of recycled flooring product you choose, you will be able to show off a unique look that is durable and versatile. This brings you to the next point…

3. Chameleon

Recycled rubber flooring is like a chameleon in that it can easily blend into a variety of different locations. Are you thinking of having recycled flooring installed in your gym or maybe you need flooring placed in an area where there is lots of water being splashed about such as a washroom or pool? These perfect water-resistant products are excellent to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents when wet and are soft to land on if someone takes a spill during a sporting activity in the gym. The extra cushioning of the recycled rubber or cork gives you that soft bouncy feeling under your feet.

4. Long-Lasting

Recycled flooring typically lasts longer than other types of flooring materials. Why does recycled rubber flooring last a long time? It is made from naturally sustainable products. Recycled materials have often been put under pressure, exposed to sunlight and a wide array of temperatures but still look great.

When you think of recycled flooring, think of all the benefits. Recycled rubber products help everyone enjoy a long and healthy future.