Athletic flooring mats are commonly used in gyms and weight rooms, but they are quickly gaining popularity for homes and commercial buildings due to a number of great advantages. Rubber athletic flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and highly customizable to fit the aesthetic of any space. The life cycle of indoor and outdoor athletic flooring makes them a great long-term investment.

1. Cost-Efficient

The common misconception of athletic flooring mats is that they are expensive to install. However, a modular floor can last 30 years and are easy to maintain. Unlike wood floors that need to be refinished each year, athletic flooring tiles only need to be mopped to maintain cleanliness.

As an added advantage, rubber athletic flooring can be used for a multitude of uses and allow for flexibility in the budget, gym size, and purpose. The life cycle and low maintenance for modular floors make this investment cost-efficient in the long run.

2. Easy To Install

Assembling athletic flooring tiles inside an average ice-skating rink takes approximately five hours with a team of 10 people. Imagine the ease and speedy installation inside your martial arts gym and the added safety for your athletes.

3. Customizable

Rubber athletic flooring is typically made of polypropylene that allows for varying support structures. The underlayment can be customized to suit your needs by adjusting the thickness, depending on your desired application.

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For a martial arts space where shock absorption is especially important, this can be achieved by going with a thicker underlayment. No matter how thick or thin the underlying support is, each unique customization meets the required safety standards.

4. Multiple Uses

Athletic flooring enhances the safety of most surfaces and can accommodate a long list of sports. Anything that can be played on hardwood can be played on a customized modular floor. This is a huge financial advantage for many spaces because it allows businesses to rent the space out for tournaments, sports games, and athletic competitions.

5. Portability

Most businesses such as a wrestling club, volleyball club, and martial arts facilities lease the space they’re in. It’s not uncommon for businesses to lose the space at the end of their lease, which makes installing a permanent floor a lost investment. The beauty of rubber athletic flooring is that you can take it to the next facility. Another great advantage of this is that modular floors are highly customizable with the ability to add or remove tiles to accommodate a new space that might be smaller or bigger in size.

6. Aesthetics

Most people have the misconception that athletic flooring mats only come in the standard industrial black for commercial use or colourful tiles for school gyms. Athletic flooring tiles not only come in any colour to match the aesthetic of the space, but they can also display custom logos, lines, and markings for any event.
Facilities have a ton of design options, from hardwood to ice – athletic flooring mats can mimic almost any surface.

7. Durability and Resiliency

The natural elasticity of rubber is what makes resilient athletic flooring ideal for commercial spaces, sporting events, and gyms. Rubber floor tiles won’t be damaged by moisture or spills as they are water-resistant. These floors provide more cushion and have the ability to absorb impact more than any other flooring types, reducing the risk of injuries and improves comfort.

8. Low Maintenance

Athletic flooring mats are relatively easy to maintain. Simply vacuum and mop the floor regularly with water and a mild detergent. Never use harsh chemicals for cleaning because they can damage the rubber. Unlike hardwood floors, rubber mats do not need to be recoated regularly.

9. Excellent Slip Resistance

There’s a reason why rubber athletic flooring is an ideal option for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and school gyms. The high slip resistance increases safety and comfort on top of most surfaces, preventing slips and serious injuries.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Rubber is a natural material extracted from the sap of a rubber tree in a process that doesn’t harm the growth of the tree. Rubber is also renewable and recyclable. Recycled rubber athletic flooring can be cut up into small pieces and used for entirely new products.