Rubber flooring is ideal because it is safe, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. These benefits also mean it can be used just about anywhere. Rubber flooring allows for so many location options so why limit yourself?

1. Athletic Sports

Are you building a gym to be used as a work out facility or venue for a sporting event? Do you find that so often the flooring lends itself to loud acoustics? Athletes can’t concentrate on their game as there are so many noise distractions all around. What you can do to dampen the ricocheting echoes is to provide an insulated rubber flooring.

Gator Athletic flooring is rubber flooring that has excellent sound absorption and is even built to cushion you should you fall. Gyms are not the only place that this type of rubber flooring is a perfect fit but you can use it for indoor track fields, tennis courts, and yoga studios to soundproof the area.

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Focus on your game not the sounds around you.

2. Commercial Spaces

Do you need flooring that is built to last in those high-traffic areas? You have a busy shop and know that with time the typical flooring will wear down. Rubber flooring is a great option for you since it withstands the test of time above many other flooring options.

You might be thinking that you need your space to stand out and show off personality. No worries as commercial rubber flooring come in a wide array of options to suit your colour, texture, and shape preferences. Have your rubber flooring installed knowing that it will last, keeping you and your customers smiling?

There is no better place to shop in than one that is clean and has unique characteristics.

3. Industrial Zone

When you think industrial zone, you think of heavy machinery. Rubber flooring is perfect for this type of environment as it offers durability to take on the weight of heavy material and transportation. You don’t want to worry about the mess being made on the ground as there will likely be lots of mud, dust, and gravel in your industrial zone. Rubber flooring allows for an easy clean and you can avoid the constant concern of a ruined floor at the end of the day.

Get in the zone and get rubber flooring.

4. Agricultural Space

You have many domestic animals on your farm and want to ensure their protection. Agricultural spaces can incorporate rubber flooring as part of a clean and safe option. Has it rained causing the grounds to be slippery? You don’t want your animals falling and breaking a leg or their neck. LongHorn rubber flooring is ideal as it is designed with anti-slip properties. This rubber flooring is available with an extra bit of cushioning so the animals have a comfortable padded spot to eat, sleep, and wander around.

Breathe easy knowing your animals are on the cushy ground.

5. Playground

Children slip and fall all the time especially at the playground. Protect them from getting injured with the addition of rubber flooring. The PlaySafe rubber flooring is manufactured specifically for safety. Kids love colour so why not go crazy and get a mix of rubber flooring colours for a rainbow of a playground.

Having fun and being safe can go hand in hand.

6. Home Sweet Home

Rubber flooring in your home? Who would have to thunk it? With a ton of residential flooring options, you can make your space as modern as you like. Choose from rubber mats, tiles or urethane pour in place surfacing. Quality flooring makes your home unique and you can use various styles of rubber flooring all in your one space; choose a tiled look for your basement, mechanical area or a laundry room. Do you love to work in your garage or spend time in your man cave? Rubber mats or poured urethane flooring are ideal in areas where your work is your play.

Make your flooring match your personality!

7. Deck Area

Spruce up the outside of your home with parks and recreation rubber flooring. This rubber flooring is easy to install meaning you don’t have to worry about complicated preparation for your outdoor install. Enjoy the view of your lush garden as you relax on your deck complete with rubber flooring. Spend less time worrying about upkeep as rubber flooring gives you a softer look and feel than wood decks, concrete or paving stone patios and is maintenance-free.

Take time to smell your flowers with worry-free exterior rubber flooring options.

Rubber flooring is the chameleon of floors and guesses what? Perfect Surfaces offers all of these options for you.