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SnapGRID® ST – Sport Tiles

Designed to provide a safe, level court surface for playing and practicing nearly any sport, SnapGRID® ST solid top court tiles are the optimal indoor court sport flooring solution for any sports enthusiast. Easy to install and maintain SnapGRID® ST modular court tiles are the ultimate indoor sports tile, providing a solid commercial grade sports tile for long lasting durability.

  • Economical – a quick, easy, and economical way to build or renovate an indoor court
  • Durability – impact resistant, chemical resistant, and built to last interlocking sport tiles
  • Safety – a smooth and seamless playing surface to eliminate tripping hazards
  • Easy Installation – click in place court tiles over any existing floor with no removal required
  • Low Maintenance – simply vacuum or sweep dry debris, and wipe wet spills with soap & water
  • Attractive – easy to create unique patterns and designs with a wide variety of colours
Available Sizes: 250 mm (9-7/8") x 250 mm (9-7/8")
Thickness: 12mm (1/2")
Choose Colour / Style:

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Durable SnapGRID® ST indoor court tiles are impact resistant, chemical resistant, and stain resistant- resulting in a long lasting, attractive plastic court flooring that provides exceptional performance and ball bounce mechanics for any sport. With substantially greater shock absorbency than asphalt or concrete, SnapGRID® ST plastic court flooring helps to cushion athletes’ joints from high impact sports, reducing the risk of injury. For extra shock absorption simply install rubber underlayment beneath SnapGRID® ST indoor sports tiles for added protection to joints, while also providing additional bounce.

Easy to install SnapGRID® ST interlock sport tiles have a straightforward click in place assembly, so it is quick and easy to create a smooth, seamless playing surface over nearly any existing floor- no removal or special tools required. With a wide variety of plastic court tile colours available, creating custom courts with unique patterns and designs is effortless.  SnapGRID® ST portable sport tiles can also be dissembled and reassembled with ease- allowing even the most novice DIYer to feel confident installing their own SnapGRID® ST portable court. Low maintenance SnapGRID® ST indoor multi sport tile flooring is also easy to keep looking great- simply sweep or vacuum dry debris or wipe wet spills with soap and water. Exposure to moisture is of no concern, since SnapGRID® ST hard plastic sport tiles are resistant to mold and mildew.

Ideal applications for SnapGRID® ST court tiles include indoor multicourt flooring, as well as specialized sport floors such as indoor tennis court flooring, indoor basketball court flooring, indoor pickleball court flooring, indoor shuffleboard court flooring, indoor inline hockey rink flooring, indoor soccer court flooring, indoor badminton court flooring, and indoor volleyball court flooring.

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250 mm (9-7/8")


250 mm (9-7/8")


12mm (1/2")

Colour / Style

1601 – Grand Slam Red, 1602 – Striking Orange, 1603 – Pivot Yellow, 1604 – Free Throw Grey, 1605 – Smash Greige, 1606 – Drop Shot White, 1607 – Game Time Green, 1608 – Backspin Blue, 1609 – Rally Rose


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