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GorillaPROTECT 1.0 Ground Protection

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Durable and reusable GorillaPROTECT 1.0 ground protection matting provides a flat and stable surface for a wide variety of machinery in outdoor applications over uneven surfaces. Heavy duty GorillaPROTECT 1.0 portable mats are easy to install and dissemble, saving time and money; they are also easy to wash, store, and ship for future use- maximizing return on investment.

  • Quick and easy installation – panels snap together easily without the use of tools or training
  • Heavy duty – a solid, stable surface with a limited amount of flex
  • Slip-resistant – textured surface design offers traction even when wet
  • Ventilation – perforated to allow air and moisture to diffuse through the surface
  • Easy storage – lightweight and easy to transport, store in any size modules
  • Long term cost savings – lasts 20x longer than plywood sheets
Available Sizes: 24" x 12"
Installation: DIY, Interlocking, Loose Lay
Product-type: Tiles
Thickness: 3/4"
Choose Colour / Style:


Easy to install and remove GorillaPROTECT 1.0 ground protection matting features a snap in place locking system; simply snap panels together over uneven terrain to create a strong, stable, solid surface for skid steer and machinery use or temporary event flooring with very little seam flex, for a heavy-duty temporary flooring solution. Once locked in place, GorillaPROTECT 1.0 is tough enough to stay locked throughout the duration of its use; simply lift the lightweight panels up and out to dissemble and store for your next event- no tools or training required, saving time and money. Durable and reusable GorillaPROTECT 1.0 temporary mats provide a flat and stable surface over dirt, grass, gravel, and other aggregate materials. GorillaPROTECT 1.0 portable flooring tiles can be easily washed, stored, and shipped to provide a temporary flooring solution for a wide variety of events for years to come- boasting a profitable return on investment. Easily supporting rolling loads of over 52,000lbs per panel, the under structure of GorillaPROTECT 1.0 is designed to distribute weight to prevent unnecessary disruption to the surface beneath as a result of turning wheels of heavy vehicles. With a specially designed surface texture to provide additional traction and slip-resistance, GorillaPROTECT portable floors will provide protection to both the ground as well as safety to pedestrian traffic.

Ideal applications for GorillaPROTECT 1.0 include stadium event flooring, equipment matting, outdoor concert flooring, military shelter flooring, outdoor wedding flooring, backyard event flooring, portable walkway flooring, portable vehicle access paths, or any outdoor event held on uneven terrain requiring a solid, stable surface.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.0625 ft





DIY, Interlocking, Loose Lay

Product Type




Colour / Style

GorillaPROTECT – Grey


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