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GatorFIT® Sprint Artificial Turf – Rolls

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $8.45. Price/ Sq. Ft.

Dash to the finish line on economical GatorFIT® Sprint athletic turf! Offering sufficient surface resistance to train hard while preserving the smoothness required for sled pushes, GatorFIT® Sprint & Sled indoor gym turf is a durable and safe surface that provides superior comfort for training, stretching, or competing. Each roll of 6’-wide GatorFIT® Sprint artificial sport turf is prefabricated with lanes and requires no infill, making it a versatile and low maintenance removeable or permanent turf surfacing option.

  • Prefabricated lines and lanes
  • Impact-attenuation – protect athletes and reduce injury with 5mm ActionBACK foam backing
  • SuperSOFT fibre – synthetic sport turf with superior comfort and excellent traction
  • Versatile – artificial athletic turf for sprint lanes, sled push lanes, running lanes, and more

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Whether you push your way to success behind a sled or sprinting on a track, GatorFIT® Sprint turf is the optimal artificial athletic turf for any agility or specialized training. With two prefabricated lanes highlighted by white lines running the length of each 6’-wide turf roll, GatorFIT® Sprint synthetic turf is perfect for any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level with laned drills. Low maintenance GatorFIT® Sled indoor turf fields require no crumb rubber or sand infill, eliminating the mess of traditional infilled synthetic grass fields; and since there is no infill, GatorFIT® Sprint & Sled indoor turf flooring can be installed permanently or as a removable option.

Widely known as the highest quality multi-purpose indoor athletic turf in the industry, ultra-durable GatorFIT® Sprint/Sled sport turf with ActionBACK 5mm foam backing offers shock absorption to relieve impact to joints and reduce much of the shock normally transferred to the body that occurs when training on natural grass, drastically reducing sports related pain and injuries. Innovative SuperSOFT synthetic sport turf fibres complement anti-fatigue athletic turf to provide a much more comfortable playing surface than on traditional artificial turf products.

While GatorFIT® Sprint turf is traditionally used in sport and fitness conditioning centres, other common applications include specialty training turf, agility turf, track & field, and much more. The two prefabricated lanes on each 6’-wide section also make it the turf of choice for many specific applications such as artificial turf sprint lanes, synthetic turf sled push lane, or athletic turf running lane. Please note, GatorFIT® Sprint artificial turf rolls are produced in 6’ widths and are available in a minimum of 10’ length.

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0902 – Solid Green



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DIY, Loose Lay, Professional Install, Tape or Glue


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