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Gator Gym Rubber – Mats

$4.96$6.67 Price/Sq. Ft.

  • Ultra durable Gator Gym Rubber Mats are the ideal surface for any gym flooring project that requires resilience, sound absorption, spike-resistance, slip-resistance, traction, and cushion. Exclusively designed with all new FrictionBACK anti-skid backing, the bottom of the Gator Gym resilient rubber matting provides strong, reliable traction to prevent shifting under sudden athletic movements.
    • Superior Durability – Perfect for CrossFit boxes or power lifting areas
    • FrictionBACK – Anti skid backing to prevent rubber mats from shifting under abrupt motions
    • Eco-Friendly – No VOC and composed primarily of premium recycled rubber scrap tires
    • Easy to Install – Save time and money with easy installation to make novice DIYers look like pros
    • Impact-Absorbing Cushion – Designed for Olympic weightlifting and strength training to protect athletes, dropped weights, and existing sub-floors
    • Slip-Resistant – Non-porous surface remains slip-resistant even when wet
    • Easy to Clean – Save time with easy to clean and maintain rubber mats
    • Industrial Fit & Finish – Slight thickness and dimensional variations possible
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue
Product-type: Mats
Thickness: 3/4"
Choose Colour / Style:
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
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Designed for the toughest training, economical Gator Gym Mats offer superior durability for indoor or outdoor applications. Gator Gym rubber sheets cushion the fall of heavy items such as dumbbells and barbells, protecting both the equipment and the existing sub floor from damage; this outstanding shock- and sound-absorbency also helps to minimize the disruption of heavy drops to surrounding areas. Impact-absorbing Gator Gym mats resilient matting offers a safe and comfortable fitness surface not only for high-weight strength training, but also for running and other exercises, as well as simply standing in place, reducing impact to joints and soft tissues. Featuring all new FrictionBACK anti-skid backing, Gator Gym Matting also offers reliable traction to prevent shifting due to sudden and jerky movements.

Constructed mainly of premium recycled scrap tires, but with no rubber odour, Gator Gym Mats are easy to install and maintain- saving time and money. Simply hose off outdoors, or mop indoors- Gator Gym Mat rubber gym floors will not absorb moisture and continue to provide a slip-resistant surface when wet. Available in a variety of speckled options, vibrantly coloured Gator Gym Mats can provide dramatic design effects as well- making it the perfect fit for any project. Please note these rubber mats do not provide the same precision fit and finish as our GatorPRO, GatorLOC or VersaRUBBER™.

Designed with the maximum durability required of high-weight strength training spaces, economical Gator Gym rubber mats are the perfect solution for Olympic weightlifting flooring, kettlebell training flooring, calisthenics flooring, strength training flooring, and CrossFit flooring- including CrossFit box flooring and general CrossFit free-weight flooring.

Additional information

Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.0416667 ft





DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product Type




Colour / Style

Blue-speckled, Blue/Grey- speckled, Cocoa/Eggshell-speckled, Green-speckled, Grey-speckled, Red-speckled, Black


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