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Gator® Gym Rubber 3/4″ – Mats

(1 customer review)

$6.25 Price/Sq. Ft.

  • Ultra durable Gator® Gym Rubber Mats are the ideal surface for any gym flooring project that requires resilience, sound absorption, spike-resistance, slip-resistance, traction, and cushion. Exclusively designed with all new FrictionBACK anti-skid backing, the bottom of the Gator® Gym resilient rubber matting provides strong, reliable traction to prevent shifting under sudden athletic movements.
    • Superior Durability – Perfect for CrossFit boxes or power lifting areas
    • FrictionBACK – Anti skid backing to prevent rubber mats from shifting under abrupt motions
    • Eco-Friendly – Low VOC and composed primarily of premium recycled rubber scrap tires
    • Easy to Install – Save time and money with easy installation to make novice DIYers look like pros
    • Impact-Absorbing Cushion – Designed for Olympic weightlifting and strength training to protect athletes, dropped weights, and existing sub-floors
    • Slip-Resistant – Non-porous surface remains slip-resistant even when wet
    • Easy to Clean – Save time with easy to clean and maintain rubber mats
    • Industrial Fit & Finish – Slight thickness and dimensional variations possible
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue
Product-type: Mats
Thickness: 18mm (3/4")
Choose Colour / Style:
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
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Designed for the toughest training, economical Gator® Gym Mats offer superior durability for indoor or outdoor applications. Gator® Gym rubber sheets cushion the fall of heavy items such as dumbbells and barbells, protecting both the equipment and the existing sub floor from damage; this outstanding shock- and sound-absorbency also helps to minimize the disruption of heavy drops to surrounding areas. Impact-absorbing Gator® Gym mats resilient matting offers a safe and comfortable fitness surface not only for high-weight strength training, but also for running and other exercises, as well as simply standing in place, reducing impact to joints and soft tissues. Featuring all new FrictionBACK anti-skid backing, Gator® Gym Matting also offers reliable traction to prevent shifting due to sudden and jerky movements.

Constructed mainly of premium recycled scrap tires, Gator® Gym Mats are easy to install and maintain- saving time and money. Simply hose off outdoors, or mop indoors- Gator® Gym Mat rubber gym floors will not absorb moisture and continue to provide a slip-resistant surface when wet. Available in a variety of speckled options, vibrantly coloured Gator® Gym Mats can provide dramatic design effects as well- making it the perfect fit for any project. Please note these rubber mats do not provide the same precision fit and finish as our GatorPRO®, GatorLOC® or VersaRUBBER™®. Some rubber flaking will occur on the backside of these mats due to the design of the FrictionBACK. This is completely normal for this mat but it is an inherent by-product of the FrictionBACK design.

Designed with the maximum durability required of high-weight strength training spaces, economical Gator® Gym rubber mats are the perfect solution for Olympic weightlifting flooring, kettlebell training flooring, calisthenics flooring, strength training flooring, and CrossFit flooring- including CrossFit box flooring and general CrossFit free-weight flooring.

Additional information

Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.0416667 ft





DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product Type



18mm (3/4")

Colour / Style


1 review for Gator® Gym Rubber 3/4″ – Mats

  1. david.oldford (verified owner)

    The product is a thick cheap rubber mat which does what it’s basically meant to do. It is listed as No VOC but has a definite rubber smell that gets everywhere. At first they seemed fine but after being in my basement overnight 2 mats created a smell that hits me as I’m coming down the stairs and is present throughout my entire reasonably large basement. I’ve been told the smell should dissipate in a week, but of course can’t verify that yet and would have much appreciated that knowledge before I took the mats inside. Moving the mats resulted in a thick trail of rubber pieces/flakes/pellets falling from the underside of the mats. Moving two mats into my basement set me up for about 2 hours of vacuuming and scraping one that got crushed into the floor, luckily it was vinyl. These mats are large so if you’re ordering a small number expect to pay more for shipping than for the mats and be prepared for a shipping window that’s an entire work day long and a wooden shipping pallet you’ll have to dispose of. If I could do it all over again I would choose a different product to avoid the tiny rubber bits that got everywhere. I currently really want to drag the mats outside to de-gas but am dreading the idea of dealing with another pellet explosion. If I did it all again with these mats I’d have left them in the garage and brought them out to de-gas in the sun for a few days before bringing them in the house. Not really sure the best way to deal with the rubber pellets they seem to still be coming off even after vacuuming with a spinning pet hair attachment. I suppose a clean stiff bristle brush would probably get them off outside (though not sure how much rubber would be lost). Of course then you’d have a lot of tiny pieces of scrap rubber on your driveway which also isn’t a perfect situation.

    • Darcy Richards

      Hi David, we are truly sorry to hear that you are having these issues. Although we have never had a complaint about this in the past we do acknowledge that some flaking can occur on the backside due to the FrictionBACK design. Please note, it is not the rubber breaking down, and it is only on this style of mat but it is by design. It prevent the mats from moving under extreme loads and workouts. This will not effect most projects as it is only on the underside but we do apologize that this wasn’t communicated better on our website and we have already taken the steps to make sure future customers are aware.
      Regarding the odor, again we appreciate your feedback and have made some changes to the product page but I can assure you that although we have several high quality products that have virtually no rubber odor at all and others that are cheaper and designed for agriculture usage, that have a strong rubber odor this particular mat is still well below industry standards. We are not discounting the fact that it can have a small amount of odor initially but we are very surprised to hear that it is omitting a strong rubber odor with such low VOC levels.
      Lastly, we are also very sorry that you had issues with the freight company, the freight is provided by a 3rd party provider. We do try to partner with great freight companies but unfortunately we can not always control what takes place with every single shipment after it leaves our plant. We certainly appreciate your feedback and if we have several complaints about the same freight company we wont continue to use them but please understand that your order was over 200lbs and was 6ft long and 4ft wide, there is no other option but to send this on a pallet. Unfortunately no freight companies or couriers will accept this size of a package with out it on a pallet.
      We deeply apologize for your inconvenience and have certainly learned from your experience. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are sorry that we couldn’t provide that to you this time. It is customers like your self that push us to be better, so thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this or anything else further at 1-888-363-6289. Thanks

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