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Gator Gym Rubber – Mats

$3.73$6.67 Price/Sq. Ft.

  • Available in several speckled colors
  • Extremely durable flooring option
  • Designed for Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit
Available Sizes: 6' x 4'
Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue
Product-type: Mats
Thickness: 1/2", 3/4"
Choose Colour / Style:
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
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Gator Gym Mat rubber flooring is the ideal surface for any project offering resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance, traction, and cushion all in one product. Designed with durability and attractive appearance in mind, this aesthetically pleasing flooring comes in a variety of speckled options making it the perfect fit for any project. With the colored particles distributed uniformly, the vibrant colors provide dramatic decorative interior design effects. Gator Gym Mat recycled rubber floor is the most economical flooring option on the market.

  • Gator Gym Mat is eco-friendly composed mainly of premium recycled scrap tires.
  • Gator Gym Mat offers superior durability suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Gator Gym Mat helps you save time and money: easy to clean and easy install.
  • Gator Gym Mat rubber gym floors will not absorb moisture while still providing a slip-resistant surface.
  • Gator Gym Mat rubber surfacing amalgamates shock and sound properties offering a safe, user-friendly product.
  • Gator Gym Mat sport floors helps cushion the fall of heavy items such as dumbbells and barbells protecting both them and the floor from damage. This superior cushion provides comfort allowing running, exercising, or even standing much easier on the body.
  • Gator Gym Mat are shock absorbent and designed for Olympic weightlifting and strength training.
  • Gator Gym Mat is CrossFit approved. Designed for the toughest training and is perfect for your elite CrossFit box.

Additional information

Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.0416667 ft





DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product Type



1/2", 3/4"

Colour / Style

Blue-speckled, Blue/Grey- speckled, Cocoa/Eggshell-speckled, Green-speckled, Grey-speckled, Red-speckled, Yellow-speckled, Black


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