When it comes to outdoor flooring, the first materials that come to mind are wood, stone, or turf. However, outdoor rubber flooring exists as a popular option for many homeowners and commercial establishments.

Among some of its benefits, outdoor rubber flooring is able to stand up to elements and resist damage from rain, UV rays, and other inclement weather conditions.


Other benefits for outdoor rubber flooring include:

• Comfortable and ergonomic surface
• Shock and sound absorption
• Softer on your feet
• Safer for trips and falls
• Easy installation over any smooth surface
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Maximum durability
• Stylish designs and colours

Rubber flooring suppliers will typically provide the following options for different outdoor rubber flooring.

Rubber Mats

Outdoor rubber mats are available in several different designs including interlocking tiles and stand-alone mats. Whether for a patio, outdoor playground, gazebo, or pool and hot tub area, rubber mats provide a safe and cushioned surface to the area.

Most outdoor rubber floorings are made from recycled materials that are resilient to harsh weather conditions. Unlike other outdoor flooring options that are susceptible to damage from UV rays and excessive moisture, rubber is designed to last longer.

Modular tiles are an ideal choice for customized flooring where you can create several ‘zones’ in your outdoor space. Choose from brick installation patterns for the pool or square patterns for the sitting area – there is a variety of options to choose from. Patio and decking tiles can be easily interchanged for a new look as desired.

Rubber Pavers

One of the advantages of outdoor rubber pavers over their brick and concrete counterparts is that the material doesn’t fade as quickly in direct sunlight. When building a patio, deck, or gazebo area, outdoor rubber pavers are a durable and affordable choice.

Rubber presents a higher shock absorbency and a slip-resistant surface than brick or stone, making them ideal for homes with small children or elders. Rubber patio pavers are typically made from old car tires that are designed to withstand tough roads.

Another advantage of rubber pavers is that the chance of chipping or cracking due to normal wear and tear is much less likely to happen. Pieces that are damaged are also easier to replace, remove, and reposition if needed.

Key Takeaways

Rubber flooring is not limited to indoor applications like gyms and arenas, and your outdoor area is not limited to wood, stone, or turf. If you’re looking for a resilient flooring option that can withstand the elements, outdoor rubber flooring is an excellent choice.