Have you ever pulled into your garage after a winter drive, dreading the mess that the snow and slush from your vehicle has just brought in? You’re not alone!

The best solution for keeping your garage clean and dry this winter is a garage containment mat. Designed to be driven and parked on by cars, trucks, and SUVs, containment mats offer a variety of features that will keep your garage dry and floor protected. 

Keep reading to learn the top six reasons why you need a containment mat in your garage this winter! 

Overall Tidiness

A containment mat is designed to catch and contain the wet, slippery snow and ice that melts off your vehicle- preventing it from being tracked all over the garage and potentially into your home. Not all containment mats are created equally, so look for the following features of a well-made snow containment mat:

  • Constructed of a pliable, waterproof material that won’t absorb moisture or crack in extreme temperatures.
  • Sturdy, raised rubber rope barrier edge to prevent overflow and premature breakdown like most foam barriers provide.
  • One-piece construction with any seams heat-sealed to prevent leaks.

Floor Protection

Did you know that the dirt, slush, grime, and salt brought into the garage by vehicles can wreak havoc on concrete garage floors? Road salt can form salt stains, cause internal cracks, and even cause concrete to eventually crumble. Prolonged exposure to accumulated water on concrete and asphalt can also be detrimental; what usually begins as small cracks allowing in small amounts of water can progressively weaken the surface to let in more water, eventually destroying your concrete or asphalt in a matter of years- sometimes even months! Protecting your garage floor from exposure to excess moisture at the source is the most effective way to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Safeguard Belongings

If you are like most homeowners, you likely use your garage for storage. Garage floors, when properly graded, will drain water away from the foundation of the home- but often end up directing excess moisture into nooks and crannies where personal belongings may be stored, potentially damaging valuables stored nearby vehicle parking. A containment mat confines this excess moisture to protect your possessions and foundation.


Collecting fallen snow, slush, and ice inside of a containment mat instead of directly on the floor will help to keep surrounding areas free and clear of water, helping to reduce the risk of serious injury from slips and falls on wet, slippery floors. 

Easy Use & Storage

Using your containment mat for garages is about as easy as it gets- simply unpack it, roll it out, and park on it! In particularly frigid weather you may find that your containment mat has wrinkles or creases- not to worry, these will relax once the mat has had a chance to acclimatize. When the mat needs cleaning simply drag it out of the garage to empty it or hose it off and pull it back in to continue using it or roll it away when no longer in use.


Typically used beneath vehicles, these handy mats can also be used under any piece of equipment that might leave behind oil stains or any other type of mess! From melted ice and snow on snowblowers and skidoos in the winter to mud and debris on recreational offroad vehicles and trailers in the warmer weather, a containment mat makes a clean garage much easier to maintain. Containment mats are also great for catching tough chemical spills- so go ahead and use it in your workshop the next time you’ve got an oil change to do!

For a containment mat made for parking on and that checks all these boxes, get yourself a GorillaCONTAIN containment mat- constructed of 100% waterproof tarpaulin with a thick raised rubber rope edge barrier to prevent spills. These one-piece construction containment mats with heat-sealed seams are available in three convenient sizes to fit under just about any vehicle or piece of equipment!

Whether your garage doubles as a home gym, a workshop, man cave, or storage space- or if its sole purpose is strictly parking your truck or car- if you plan to keep your garage clean and tidy from the mess and debris of winter, a containment mat is the best solution for keeping snow, slush and water contained!