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Equestrian Crumb Rubber

  • Enhances performance
  • Reduce joint stress for horses
  • Significantly reduce dust

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Equestrian Crumb Rubber is the perfect footing for your riding arena!

Equestrian Crumb Rubber is a clean, safe, resilient material that absorbs the impact of riders fall. It is composed of small, irregularly shaped pieces of clean granulated rubber that does not deteriorate, does not need to be constantly replaced, and will last indefinitely. Equestrian Crumb Rubber allows the pore space in the arena footing to remain open, allowing water through the riding surface, rather than staying on top. This movement keeps the riding surface damp, thus, controlling the dust, which is especially important in a dry climate. Equestrian Crumb Rubber makes an indubitable difference: in a hardness study of arena surfaces, the addition of rubber was found to make the surface much more forgiving than an all sand arena. The elastic property of Equestrian Crumb Rubber translates into a resilient surface that cushions a horses footfalls, and minimizes injuries to a horses tendons and joints, allowing for increased training time.

Equestrian Crumb Rubber can be used indoors or outdoors in arenas, jumping stadiums, tracks and trails. An equestrian arena must have a resilient surface providing good traction, and protection to a horse. Equestrian Crumb Rubber is the ideal application for all equestrian surfaces. Equestrian Crumb Rubber:

  • is eco-friendly composed mainly of premium recycled scrap tires.
  • enhances performance while reducing joint stress for horses.
  • significantly reduces dust and mud, while providing improved arena drainage.
  • does not freeze in the winter or degrade over time.
  • will not degrade over time and is 99.9% steel free.

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 48 ft
Colour / Style



3.5 – 16 Mesh, 6 – 16 Mesh, 4 – 6 Mesh, 10 – 20 Mesh, 20 Minus Mesh


DIY, Loose Lay


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