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VersaRUBBER Interlocking Box Set – Vivid Blue

$149.99 $99.45

Premium grade, vulcanized VersaRUBBER® rubber interlock tiles are durable enough to protect the existing floor beneath, while also defending the surface against damage from everything from heavy fitness equipment to skate blade incisions to animal claw punctures. VersaRUBBER® rubber puzzle flooring tiles offer safety and comfort with anti-fatigue properties to reduce physical stress and injury; as well as absorb vibration, while reducing ambient noise in the room. With low VOC off-gassing, even a newly installed VersaRUBBER® rubber surface will not have an offensive or overpowering smell.
  • 4 Box sets available 
Box set comes with 6 tiles per box with edges to complete a 4′ X 6′ mat

Available while supplies last!

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