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GatorELITE Tiles 1M X 1M X 5/16”

$149.99 $89.00

Gator Elite is our most superior rubber flooring series on the market. This top of the line rubber flooring is manufactured using premium rubbers and blended with a high double vulcanized finish. The dual layer offers ultimate resilience and shock absorbing performance in high traffic areas and can bear the static load of heavy equipment.
  • 12 Grey Tiles available – Slightly discolored
  • 14 Limestone Tiles available
  • Dual-Layer, Vulcanized Rubber
  • Designed for Durability
  • Wide Variety of Color Choices
  • Ideal solution for  a variety of commercial and residential flooring
  • Non-permeable surface layer provides superior hygiene and maintainability
  • Slip-Resistant Surface

Available while supplies last!

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