Rubber flooring for basement areas is a great option if you want to add durability to your space. There are a few rubber flooring options available, all of which are going to provide a soft, easy to clean, and portable flooring. Innovation has greatly improved rubber flooring for residential homes, allowing for many options, styles, and applications that will suit almost any space.

The best rubber flooring choice is going to depend on your specific needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of rubber flooring for basements and their benefits!

Rubber Flooring for Children’s Play Area

Homeowners with small children prefer PlaySafe SHOCK Tiles as an added cushion over the carpet, hardwood, tile, or other subfloors in unfinished basements. These easy-to-install mats are available in a variety of colours to instantly create a bright, inviting, and safe area for children to play on. The surface also absorbs vibration and reduces ambient noise, making for a quieter environment.

PlaySafe SHOCK is a resilient rubber flooring for residential homes and Daycares that is low VOC and easy to clean. The non-slip surface makes it comfortable for small children while reducing the chance of injury. Though soft enough for safe play, these rubber floor tiles are durable and designed to withstand heavy use.

Rubber Flooring for Dogs

Perfect for dog owners looking for easy-to-clean flooring, VersaRUBBER™ Dog & Animal Mats are a popular option. This non-slip flooring is designed for high-traffic kennels and training centres but can be used for basements to keep pups safe and comfortable. The cushioned surface is strong enough to protect the subfloor and is resistant to sharp claws.

VersaRUBBER™ Dog & Animal rubber flooring also reduces vibration and noise from barking and play. This rubber flooring for the basement option is also easy to clean – a bonus for pet owners.

Rubber Flooring for Home Gym

One of the most frequent uses of rubber flooring for residential homes is for home gym applications. When choosing rubber mats or rubber rolls for a home gym, look for a high-quality commercial grade rubber surface that can withstand moisture and heavy use. A quality home gym rubber flooring option adds safety and comfort to reduce injuries and improve performance.

Key Takeaways

Whether you need rubber flooring for a children’s area, pets, or exercise space, there is an option for just about any purpose. For basements, the use of these areas can evolve over the years. One of the greatest benefits of rubber flooring for residential homes is that there are both temporary and permanent solutions. Luckily, most rubber flooring options are easily customizable and simple to install.