Besides having the right equipment, there’s one important thing required for any home training space. The flooring! The right home gym flooring can absorb impact, decrease the risk of injuries, increase stability, and protect your floor from scratches and cracks.

When choosing your home gym flooring, Perfect Surfaces recommends considering what exercises you’ll be performing, the type of equipment you have, and the amount of space you need to cover.

We’ve compiled our most recommended home gym flooring options for your at-home workouts, including the pros and cons to help you choose the right flooring for you!

1. Vinyl

As the most practical option, Vinyl is sustainable, easy to maintain, and comes in a variety of styles and pattern options. Its moisture-resistant quality makes it ideal for basements and the surface can handle all types of cleaning chemicals.

However, vinyl flooring can tear easily if you’re dropping weights or performing high impact workouts. The low shock absorbency is a factor to consider before choosing vinyl for your home gym flooring.

2. Rubber

Rubber mats for your home gym are the most popular and versatile option. Rubber flooring can go over your current flooring, making it easy to install and comes in tiles or mats for smaller rooms as well as rubber rolls to cover large spaces. The material is shock absorbent, water-resistant, and sturdy, making it perfect for all types of equipment.

Although rubber mats for your home gym come in several thickness options and price points, some of the cons to consider about rubber flooring is that it can get expensive and heavy.

3. Artificial Turf

Perfect Surfaces recommends artificial turf for athletes wanting to increase their performance while reducing their risk of injury. The material provides optimal traction and is ideal for sled pulls, plyometrics, sprints, and conditioning. A downside for artificial turf is that it’s more costly than other home gym flooring options and requires proper cleaning and regular maintenance.

4. Foam

If you’re looking for the most comfortable option, Perfect Surfaces recommends foam for your home gym flooring. The material is cushioned with excellent shock resistance, making it ideal for yoga, pilates, and HIIT workouts. Some cons to consider with foam is that it’s less durable compared to other home gym flooring options and is not suitable for heavy weights or equipment.

Your home gym flooring can make or break your personal training space. The professional and knowledgable team at Perfect Surfaces can help you choose the right one for you. Call or visit us today!