If you’ve decided on rubber flooring for your home or commercial application, one of the next decisions you’ll need to make is whether to choose rubber floor tiles, rubber rolls or rubber mats. Rubber flooring is resilient flooring with many advantages; however, there are some drawbacks to understand that will help you make the right decision.

Rubber flooring suppliers in Canada typically offer tiles, rolls and mats as the three main product options. Today, we’re focusing on the pros and cons of rubber flooring tiles.

The pros of rubber flooring tiles

One of the main advantages of rubber flooring tiles is that they are easy to install. Interlocking pieces are simple to put together and take apart while being sturdy enough not to pull apart when being used. Rubber tiles are highly transportable and can be re-installed time and again without damage. Interlocking rubber tiles are ideal for weight rooms, fitness centres, and home gyms. 

You also have the option of a straight-edge rubber tile for a seamless look that comes in a variety of colours to suit your space. Straight-edge rubber tiles are ideal for offices, retail establishments, and schools. 

Here are some benefits of rubber floor tiles:

    • Cohesive pieces with no edges or seams to trip over
    • Comes in different thickness, textures, and colours
    • Resistant to heavy foot traffic and equipment
    • Can be cut to fit any space 
    • No adhesives required for installation
    • Only one piece needs to be replaced if damaged, rather than the whole floor
    • Easy to store and use in another location 

The cons of rubber floor tiles

With the versatility of rubber flooring, you really can’t go wrong. They provide a safe, easy-to-clean surface that performs and looks great. However, some of the disadvantages of rubber floor tiles have to do with the specific space and application. 

Some of the drawbacks of rubber tiles include:

    • Time-consuming installation for larger spaces 
    • Tiles may not be completely seamless
    • Can be an expensive option to cover a large space

If you’re covering a big area or you need a completely seamless application, rubber rolls may be the better option for you.

Final thoughts 

Rubber is a resilient and durable type of flooring that will last for years. It’s tough enough to withstand heavy-duty use and high-impact activity while providing comfort, grip, and a safe, slip-resistant surface. Depending on your specific use, we can recommend the best flooring solution for your home or business!