Artificial athletic training turf provides a great place to work out, train or play dynamic sports. Whether you are looking for artificial athletic training turf in Alberta, Ontario, or anywhere in Canada, here is some important information.

The Look, Feel, and Colour

Artificial turf should have a pleasing look and tie in with your company branding. Consider a product that incorporates your specific colours and logo while providing a realistic appearance. If you need an athletic field for indoor soccer, football or other team sports, consider choosing a high-density pile that imitates the look and feel of real grass.

Make sure the product is soft to the touch and without visible seams. Choose a soft, easy-to-maintain product with the option of prefabricated lines and lanes. Multiple colour options for your training turf are available for some styles including natural green, purple, red, or blue. You are not limited by the traditional old school green as your only choice. Enhance the aesthetic of your facility by individualizing your artificial turf.

Durability and warranty

Athletic training turf needs to handle a lot of traffic. You want your flooring product to be backed by a solid warranty. Generally, the longer the warranty, the higher the turf quality but make sure to ask what the warranty actually covers as well.

The flooring option you select should be durable with an absorbent backing to reduce the chance of athletes injuring themselves. Foam-backed athletic flooring is ideal to take the pressure off joints and muscles while providing solid grip and durability.

Creating different zones with flooring

Every athletic training facility requires different types of flooring to suit their needs. When you need one or several different types of artificial turf, you want to be able to find options in the same place. Create different zones within your facility for things like a sprint zone, agility training, or sports training. You can easily include rubber flooring for alternate areas such as weight training and stretching spaces.

Choose a flooring company with a range of different types of flooring products. The type of flooring is one of the most important aspects of a safe, durable, and functional athletic training facility. Working with one flooring company helps simplify and streamline the process. Consult with a professional flooring company about different flooring options for different uses. They can guide you in the right direction and make recommendations on new and improved flooring solutions that you may not be aware of.


Your artificial athletic training turf needs to be installed properly to avoid issues with lifting, peeling or separating. Installation is quick and easy even for the novice consumer. Simple instructions can be provided by your flooring supplier on how to properly adhere each section to avoid any seams. Properly installed flooring should have a flush look and provide a continuous flow of all sections.

Should you decide to install the flooring yourself, make sure you get all the details to properly install your artificial turf to avoid any lumps and bumps. One thing you can be sure of is your artificial turf should be purchased from a company with a quick lead time to accommodate your installation and construction deadlines. Getting products delivered promptly helps you get your business up and running.

Artificial athletic training turf in Alberta and across North America can make a big difference!