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MasterGRASS Foam Pad

$2.50 Price/Sq.Ft.

To be installed beneath MasterGRASS artificial turf, lightweight MasterGRASS foam underlay adds extra cushion to artificial turf to make any yard or indoor space safer and more comfortable for family and friends to gather on. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, 10mm MasterGRASS foam pad not only enhances the feeling of artificial grass, but also aids in drainage, increases the life expectancy of the turf, and improves the ability of turf fibres to bounce back after periods of compression.

  • Safety & Comfort – adds extra cushion for softness and injury protection
  • Easy installation – simply roll out the lightweight and nonporous closed cell foam
  • Drainage – unique cut-out pattern to allow for maximum drainage
  • Responsive aesthetic – improves bounce back after compression
  • Versatile – any indoor or outdoor application, from children to animal to athletic turf
  • Economical – purchase smaller increments than with the competition, only buy what you need
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Perfect for any artificial turf application where enhanced cushion is preferred or required, high performance MasterGRASS foam padding enhances the overall feeling of the landscape grass to make every step feel that much better. Whether in the backyard for active families or sunworshippers, at the playground for energetic children and their supervisors, in the rec centre for sports enthusiasts, or at training facilities for elite athletes, installing the MasterGRASS foam pad beneath MasterGRASS synthetic turf will make the turf much softer underfoot and more enjoyable to play or relax on- while also helping to reduce injuries in children and athletes alike.

In addition to comfort, the added cushion of MasterGRASS foam turf pads also help to keep MasterGRASS artificial turf blades standing tall, as well as more responsive - improving bounce back after compression. With a unique cut-out pattern to allow for maximum drainage, the nonporous MasterGRASS foam under pad is constructed of a non-absorbent closed cell foam- making it perfect for any environment with high exposure to moisture. To reduce waste and save money, foam rolls are 5 feet wide and cuts are available in 1 foot increments so you only pay for what you need- making MasterGRASS foam turf padding an extremely cost-effective choice for increasing the comfort and safety of any space that has artificial turf.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, MasterGRASS foam pad can be used in a variety of applications including backyard artificial grass, rooftop terrace synthetic turf underlay, playground turf cushion, a daycare play turf foam pad, artificial sport grass underlay, under recreation centre synthetic turf, sports arena turf underlay pad, or under artificial pet grass. Lightweight and drainage boosting MasterGRASS foam padding will make each step on artificial turf dryer, more realistic, safer, and more comfortable for everyone.

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