Gator Equipment Mats

  • Great for home gyms and equipment
  • Tireplast mats for heavy duty
  • Foam mats for light duty

3/16” Tireplast, 1/4” Foam

4’ x 3’, 6’ x 3’

Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price


Our Gator Equipment play mats offer the perfect solution for protection under heavy equipment or high traffic areas. These heavy duty fitness mats are made from Tireplast – a patented combination of recycled rubber and plastic to create a long lasting, resilient, durable product. If you are looking for the ideal underlay flooring, whether it is for a treadmill, cross-trainer, stationary bike, or stair stepper, this is the mat for you.

For an economical alternative, try our Gator Equipment foam mats. Composed of foam construction, our foam mats are lighter and less expensive than its rubber counterparts yes offers several of the same superior qualities. The Gator Equipment foam mats are also a great use for stretching and yoga.

  • Gator Equipment floor matting is Earth-friendly composed with a combination of premium recycled rubber and plastic or foam.
  • Gator Equipment play matting rugged construction supports the heaviest of equipment and provides great protection to prevent damage to both the machine and the floor.
  • Gator Equipment floor mats provide anti-slip protection to keep you and your equipment safe.
  • Gator Equipment work out space mats can be easily rolled for efficient storage.
  • Gator Equipment foam matting when in use provides a cushion support system while reducing noise and the collection of dust in working components of the equipment.
  • Gator Equipment work out mats can be custom die stamped with your team/organizations name and logo.


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Proudly Made in North America


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